The Best Place to Spend Super Bowl Sunday
published onJanuary 8, 2014

Everyone who’s ever driven in New Jersey knows the state has some… let’s say “stringent,” rules. You can’t make a left turn in most places (leading to the creation of something called “jug handles,” where three rights make a left), and you can’t pump your own gas (which is good or bad depending on who you talk to.)

But New Jersey officials now seek to introduce the rest of the country to their eccentricities by banning tailgating for prior to the Super Bowl and making it illegal to take a limo or taxi cab or even walk to the game. The options?

  • Buy one of only 18,000 parking passes available, drive to the stadium and park your car for the duration of the game
  • Take a bus, dubbed the Fan Express, from one of nine locations around the region (at a cost of $51)
  • Take New Jersey transit to the MetLife Stadium exit

Better Super Bowl Plans Start at Home
Do we hear a better option, anyone? That’s right. Spend Super Bowl in the comfort of your own home in the company of close friends with the most amazing home theater system ever designed. (As an alternative, head to your favorite New York or New Jersey sports bar… you may even land in a place with video systems designed by our sister company, JD Systems.)

Your Dream Home Theater
We already talked about how much you could save on Super Bowl Sunday by having a custom home theater system created and installed and throwing the party of the year. But this was before we knew the rules that seem to defy all logic and were created in the name of (you guessed it) game-day security.
Now it makes even more sense to build new Super Bowl dreams that include a 65-inch Samsung LED screen, 7.1 surround sound, some comfy chairs and your wife’s awesome taco dip recipe.

The only limit to what we can design is your imagination. Crestron controls to dim the lights when the game comes on (and raise them if you get up to get a drink). Smart TV so you can watch the commercials on YouTube before or after the game. A screen integrated into your wall so it looks like a piece of artwork when the game isn’t on. A screen in your kitchen and another water-proof, weather-resistant screen on your outside patio so guests can enjoy a dip in the hot tub or a beer by a roaring fire and still catch the game and half-time show.

It really is all about the right size screen, the right content (DirecTV, Blu-Ray and a home media server to meet all your needs), and the right design elements from JD Pro to turn your viewing area from “the room with the TV” to a true home theater system dream. Stay tuned as, next week, we’ll offer our readers the Comprehensive Guide to Planning the Perfect Super Bowl Shindig.

And make sure to check out our Super Bowl infographic to see just how much money you can save, even if a new home theater system is part of your plans for the party of the century to celebrate the game of the century.