3 Components to a Successful Superbowl Party
published onJanuary 14, 2011

You’ve got the drinks, the hot wings, chips and salsa, but are you really ready to throw the Superbowl Party of the century? If you really plan to gather all your friends around your 32-inch old-school tube TV set, they’ll be fleeing to the nearest sports bar before half-time.

Do you have your new plasma or LED TV installed, mounted and ready to go, the remote control programmed, and enough 3D glasses for you and all your friends? Yes, to get the full home theater, multimedia experience for every second of the game — and especially the commercials — you’re going to need some 3D glasses.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to upgrade to a new 3D HDTV — your big screen plasma or LED TV will work just fine. And you won’t need them for the game. Dreamworks’ 3D animated movie, “Monsters vs. Aliens” and SoBe LifeWater will be airing Super Bowl commercials in 3D and a special episode of “Chuck” will air in 3D after the game. The ColorCode technology that will work on any plasma or LED TV uses special glasses — not the kind you get in movie theaters or even the expensive active shutter glasses you buy for a 3D HDTV. Read on to find out how to get a pair.

What You Need for Superbowl Sunday

Plasma or LCD TV: Plasma HDTV are traditionally hailed as the way to go for sports viewing because they have less motion-blur, but today’s LED technology is advancing so quickly, it’s not as much of an issue anymore. Plasma HDTVs also have wider viewing angles, so if you’re hosting a big crowd — and do so regularly — think about a Plasma over an LED or LCD. Of course, you can always call JD Systems for complete, custom home theater design and installation and we will work out sight lines so most seats are the “best seats in the house” with any HDTV. Whether you choose plasma, LCD or a new LED model, now’s the time to upgrade.

3D Glasses: We told you we’d tell you how to get a pair. Intel is giving 125 million pairs away free. Get them while supplies last in a lot of places Pepsi products are sold, including K-Mart, A&P, Pathmark, Dollar General and Shop Rite.

Reception: The Super Bowl game will be in 1080p, so make sure your new flat screen is the highest resolution available. The Super Bowl is airing on NBC this year, so you can catch it on cable or with DirectTV.