3 Reasons NY & NJ Sports Bars Choose LED Lighting
published onMay 2, 2011

Sports bar owners: Are thinking about new ways to freshen up the appearance of your NY or NJ sports bar while also saving money? Consider switching to LED lighting.

Your sports bar can literally shine above your competition with subtle or dramatic LED lighting effects that are energy efficient and low maintenance.

1. LED Lights Can Lower Your Energy Bills

LED lights use almost 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs – meaning 80% of the electrical energy used by an LED light is converted into light with only 20% of the energy lost as heat. An incandescent bulb operates at about 20% efficiency with 80% of the energy lost as heat.

Translating this into money terms, a 100-watt incandescent light bulb, used for one year at a cost of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, will cost you $88 in electricity fees ($70 of which will be used to heat the room instead of lighting it). The electricity cost for an LED light would be $23 per year with less money lost as heat. The cost savings would be $65 on electricity during one year for one light. And, since most incandescent light bulbs burn out within a year, requiring replacements, realistically a long-lasting LED light can save you even more money.

Also, since LED bulbs don’t emit much heat, you’ll save on air conditioning costs in the summer, and all the liquor bottles on the shelves behind the bar will stay at room temperature, preventing any potential revenue loss.

2. Reduce Your Maintenance Costs with LED Lights

In sports bars, the costs to maintain and replace light bulbs can be expensive. LED light bulbs can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours – up to 11 years of continuous use or 22 years at 50% use. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs typically last about 2,000 hours and fluorescent bulbs last about 10,000 hours. Therefore, LEDs can virtually eliminate the need for routine bulb replacement. And you’ll no longer have to struggle to change those hard-to-reach bulbs.

3. Set the Mood with Custom LED-lighting Solutions

Custom LED lighting schemes can give your NY or NJ sports bar a fresh, vibrant look and feel. Whether you want a subtle, yet eye-catching, appearance for your sports bar or a more dramatic effect, your bar can project the excitement and energy of the sports events you feature.

LED lights are available in a wide range of colors, including white. And through the combination of various-colored, variable-intensity LEDs, you have the option of choosing from over 16.7 million colors to create the type of ambience you want for your sports bar. From fixed color to color washing, cross fading, random color changing, strobing, and variable strobing, the possibilities for creating an eye-catching environment for your customers are limitless.

Contact the commercial audio visual design and installation experts at JD Systems to discuss a customized LED lighting solution for your NY or NJ sports bar today. We can help you create the type of atmosphere you want your customers to experience and enjoy.