3 Things to Look for in CommercialAudio Video Control Systems
published onJanuary 28, 2011

Even though it’s behind the scenes, the control system in your nyc nightclub, sports bar, or restaurant venue is just as important as the sound system, flat screen displays, or projection systems. After all, without an intuitive, user-friendly control system, your HDTVs would be set on the same channel all the time, your sound system would always be at the same volume, and you couldn’t actually do anything fun with your new, high-end audio visual systems, right?

When you call JD Systems for your initial audio visual systems consultation, we will work with you to determine your needs in AV control systems. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

Ease-of-Use – After just a quick training session provided by your audio video installer, you should be able to teach any employee behind the bar to be able to change channels, raise and lower volume, and even adjust the lighting in your nightclub, sports bar or ultra-lounge.

Programm-ability and Pre-sets –
This factor ties in heavily to ease of use. While it should be easy to change the settings through an intuitive touch screen located anywhere you want, you shouldn’t have to think about your audio visual system settings normally. Programmed presets created by your audio video installation team should permit the system to automatically change the lighting settings, sound volume, sources, and any other settings you want based on the time of day.

The number of zones you need to control also comes into play when we talk about programmability. You want a system with the capabilities to independently change settings in distinct areas of your space.

For instance, when we designed the sound and video systems for the New Jersey sports bar and ultra-lounge Park East, we made sure each area in the venue had its own zone, because there are always different things going on in each space.

Remote Access – A growing trend in audio visual systems control is IP-based remote control from an iPad, iPod Touch, Netbook or PC. This adds great convenience to your system, and also lets your AV installer work on the system remotely when necessary. It’s not a necessity, but it’s a great feature to have and the most popular commercial control systems, including Stardraw, include this option.