5 Signs Your Corporate Boardroom Needs an Audio Video Upgrade
published onFebruary 26, 2014

Is your business getting a tax refund this spring? It might be time to consider spending that money on an audio video upgrade for your corporate boardroom. Here are five signs your conference room may need an audio visual upgrade.

1. No one can hear the presenter.
This is a big problem, obviously. If you’re trying to hold a meeting and no one can hear the speaker, they’re going to tune out and start playing Candy Crush on their tablets. (If someone cries out, “Damn owl!” in the middle of a meeting, consider them caught.)
In the industry, we call this poor speech intelligibility for spoken word. It could come from poor room acoustics, a problem with the wireless mics, or an aging speaker system. JD Systems can identify the problem and provide cost-effective solutions. Then, the next time an employee zones out during a meeting, you’ll have to start looking at other causes.

2. Most people can’t figure out how to use the audio video systems.
State-of-the-art isn’t always the best choice if a system is so complex, no one can figure out how to use it. If you need to call your IT guy every time someone wants to play a PowerPoint, you may have a problem. New solutions like Crestron’s Smart Space http://www.crestron.com/resources/product_and_programming_resources/catalogs_and_brochures/online_catalog/default.asp?jump=1&model=CRESTRON-SMART-SPACE
multi-person, multi-display, enterprise-wide communication and HD video conferencing solution is as state-of-the-art as it gets, but it offers plug-and-play operation and intuitive touchscreen control.

3. Your videoconferencing system does not provide mobile capabilities.
Today’s best videoconferencing solutions aren’t necessarily limited to the boardroom. Join a meeting from your desktop workstation or from the Outerbridge Crossing (hands-free, of course). If your system doesn’t offer this capability, your employees will love you for the upgrade.

4. Components keep breaking.
Remember when you were younger and your cars broke down all the time? You had to start to weigh the costs of getting rid of the car against the money you were spending on repairs. Now you’re a real grown-up, of course, and you trade in your vehicle before it has 100,000 miles on it. But if you keep putting money into an aging videoconferencing system, you’re in the same boat. And you’re not only losing cash, you’re losing productivity, too. Do yourself a favor and teat yourself (and your employees) to a new, grown-up video conferencing system.

5. Your “corporate conference room system” means dialing a free conference call service and putting it on speakerphone.
There’s nothing wrong with this set-up… if you’re a microbusiness with two employees. But today’s technology offers so many more options for videoconferencing, telepresence, conference solutions on-the-go, and more.
It’s obvious that when your sales team and other employees are in the office, they are more productive than if they are spending time on the road, sitting in
New York traffic to get to an airport for yet another meeting across the country. But there are certain instances where you need a face-to-face meeting to close the deal.

Videoconferencing can bridge that gap, especially if it’s high definition telepresence that makes everyone feel as if they are in the same room together.
In short, get rid of that outdated conference system. Save money. Improve productivity. Make more sales. (Psst.. call JD Pro for help.)