6 More Reasons to Buy a Samsung Smart TV
published onJune 6, 2011

TV has come a long way, baby. We’re really stating the obvious, but hang with us while we share our thoughts on the evolution of gaming. (See? That’s not what you’d expect to read on an NY audiovisual and home theatre installer’s blog, which just shows how far TV has come.)

No Game Console Necessary

Sure, we’ve been playing games on our television sets since Pong, but until recently, you needed a game console. Now, a company called Gameloft has collaborated with Samsung to offer six different 3D games for casual gamers, all available on the Smart TV via the Samsung app.

Casual Games For Families

We’re not talking about high-action, realistic looking games that keep serious gamers glued to their PC screens. These are fun games for the family to enjoy, maybe between episodes of Glee. They’re easy for parents, kids and grandparents to enjoy together, and they’re even a little bit educational.

The games currently available are:

  • UNO
  • Let’s Golf! 2
  • BlockBreaker Deluxe 2
  • Midnight Pool
  • Brain Challenge
  • TV Show King

In a blog post, ChipChick pondered if this is the beginning of the end of traditional gaming consoles for casual gamers. Undoubtedly, as the apps and capabilities we can get directly through Smart TVs grow, and the popularity of Smart TVs increase, some people may replace their gaming consoles — which can also be used for streaming TV and Netflix and playing Blu-Ray discs — with a Smart TV that does it all.

But if we’re going to look at it that way, how long before all you need is an Internet connection, LED screen, and a Crestron controller to integrate all your home entertainment needs?