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Discover The Advantages of 70V Commercial Sound Systems

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Commercial sound systems are used in a diverse range of environments, from showrooms and retail spaces to conference halls and offices. The best commercial sound systems in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia are versatile, reliable, and offer unique source configurations to suit the needs of a business.

If you’re looking for commercial sound systems in the TriState area, the team at Dara AV is ready to deliver the best solution that suits your needs and your budget.

We install 70v commercial sound systems in the TriState area, maximizing efficiency and reliability for frequent or continuous use.

Does Your Business Need 70v Commercial Audio

Distributed audio takes the source material and reproduces it over long distances. If your business needs a PA announcement system or even background music, then 70v commercial audio is likely the best solution.

You will have more control over volume across different zones. Unlike a traditional audio system, the volume can cover long distances without being unacceptably loud near the source and main speakers.

If you have an office location, a retail showroom, grocery store or supermarket, restaurant, café, hotel or motel, or any other type of business with large floor space, then you can make use of commercial audio.

Let’s look at some of the most important advantages of commercial audio in your Tri-State area business and see how these could provide direct benefits to your business. Dara AV installs the best commercial audio in the Tri-State area.

Distributed Audio Offers More Control Over Commercial Audio Systems 

We install 70v commercial audio systems for local businesses. Also known as distributed commercial audio systems, 70v audio gives you finer control over volume and the audio source.

In traditional commercial audio systems, speakers take their power directly from the amplifier. This limits the viable distance that commercial audio systems can cover and introduces reliability problems.

A 70v system has transformers between speakers and the amplifier, allowing for precise volume control per speaker. This will allow you to control the volume per zone so that the audio can be perfectly tuned to the environment.

Commercial audio systems also offer more control in the sense that various source components can be connected to the system. All speakers and zones can reproduce audio from a single source, or several sources can be used to play different audio feeds.

Commercial Sound Systems Are Suitable For All Source Types

There’s no real limitation on the type of source that can be used with commercial sound systems. Our commercial AV installers in the Tri-State area can connect sources like wireless microphones (perfect for conference halls, theaters, and houses of worship). We can also connect traditional media devices like compact disc players, digital media players, or even optical disc video players if you need video with commercial sound systems. Media servers and personal computers can also be connected as audio sources.

The sources can be blended or mixed as necessary, with unique sources going to specific speakers or zones. Our commercial AV installers in the Tri-State area will consult with you to understand your needs and will develop a system to suit.

70v Distributed Audio Is Safer

In addition to being more versatile and configurable, 70v distributed audio is safer. Our commercial AV installers in the Tri-State area can use thinner wires for 70v audio with less current traveling through the wires. The risk of electrical fault is minimal.

There’s also safety in terms of your investment, too. Because distributed audio uses a series of individual components; the failure of an individual speaker, transformer, amplifier, or source device won’t compromise or unbalance the rest of the system. This makes servicing and replacement of parts less expensive.

Choose Dara AV

Each customer’s commercial space is unique, along with their needs, and we can help develop a solution that fits your vision. Our customers have chosen us for more than 10 years because:

  • Access to the industry’s best brands for commercial sound systems.
  • Cost-efficient solutions that maximize your available budget.
  • Distributed audio that covers spaces over hundreds of feet.
  • A complete consultation to ensure a system is customized to your needs.
  • Safer, more reliable, and better-sounding commercial audio.
  • Our commercial audio systems can be fully integrated with distributed video, providing you with a complete multimedia solution for your commercial space.

Every commercial space has different audio-visual needs, and a professional design from the outset is critical. Our industry connections and distributor relationships in NY & NJ allow us the flexibility to design systems down to precise equipment specifications and at affordable rates. Regardless of the project scope… we can help. We are budget-friendly and will help you get the job done right!  Contact Us Today!