Are You Getting the Best Gear for Your Sound System Installation?
published onAugust 16, 2012

JBL speaker cabinets Sometimes, when you have an audio visual installation firm design your new audio video systems, that company specifies the brands they carry. It’s gear they are familiar with, they’ve used it in past AV installations, and it works… for those installations.

Some installers even select AV gear because they know they can trust the distributor and because the mark-ups are good, whether or not it’s in the best interests of the customer.

Experienced audio visual design consultants know that every project is different, and, often, your “go-to” audio visual gear is not the brand you want to “go to” this time.

So who do you trust?

An audio visual design consultant that carries a wide range of popular, and even lesser known, brands of audio gear at different price points is more likely to pick the right product for your installation.

Here at JD Systems, though, we don’t let the brands we carry limit our equipment selections. We recently designed a sound system for a New York retail location and specified speakers we didn’t carry at the time. (Since then, of course, we’ve added that brand to our list of products in our supply chain.)

We spent days researching which speakers would provide the required range and best sound coverage for this installation within the customer’s budget. Then we contacted our local representatives to become dealers for that brand. This is how, over the years, our product lines have grown, and we’re able to specify the best sound and video systems for any application.

Today’s audio visual technology has few limits. Don’t let your sound system installation be limited audio visual integrators who only think within their little world and distribution network.

How do you know you’re getting the best gear for your sound system installation? Work with an AV design consultant you can trust, ask them how they decide which products to use in specific projects, and ask for references so you can see that they’re not just performing “cookie cutter sound installations” with the same gear every time.