Audio Installation & Design in NYC & NJ

If you own a restaurant, sports bar, hotel/motel, retail space, or rental property, economical audio capabilities typically come down to having a proper professional audio system. Business owners may struggle to find the right brand or type of equipment to install. Believe it or not, off-the-shelf audio systems do not function as efficiently as the systems we may recommend for your business.

That’s where Dara AV comes in. Our team proudly designs and installs professional audio systems in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding Tri-State areas. Additionally, our team provides training support and ongoing repair to give you the peace of mind to operate the equipment after our set up and prevent future malfunctions from interrupting your daily operations.

No cookie cutter projects

Dara AV is your one-stop shop for audio video systems design and integration, meaning we will carry your project through from start to finish. And we promise: Everything is completely customized to meet your needs and your budget.

You can trust our proven installation process.

Our tested, proven, proprietary process for audio visual systems installation was created with efficiency and professionalism in mind. We pride ourselves on finishing on time and within the budget of every customer whenever possible.

When you let us install and manage the project we designed for you, you will know that every component is placed correctly, cable runs are neat and efficient, and your venue will look better than ever when we leave.

If you’ve worked with an audio-visual design consultant in the past and just need a trusted team to do the detail work of hanging speakers and screens, running cable and building racks, we are happy to do that, too. We’ve worked with some of the top names in audio visual consulting to integrate systems per their specifications.



Commercial Audio Solutions

We install equipment capable of much more than just music playback. If your establishment needs public access (PA) capabilities, our installations are great for take-out restaurants, places of worship, and more!

Distributed Audio

Audio distribution systems send music throughout your New York or New Jersey office or facility via a central processor and audio matrix switcher. Controlling your music playlists is as simple and intuitive as using your own iPad or cellphone. We can equip businesses with similar devices so they can be in full control of their audio anywhere in the facility. Whether the speakers are placed in the walls, ceilings, or elevators, each audio system is uniquely designed to blend in with its surroundings 


Wire & Cable Management

If you’re rewiring your New York or New Jersey business or simply installing a network, it’s important to hire someone who specializes in wiring system design in order to get the job done properly. When wired improperly, your employees may risk tripping and unplugging your audio systems. And worst of all, unmanaged wires are an eyesore for guests. Let us manage complicated wiring headaches and installation for the best audio experience.



Audio Devices for Your Tri-State Business

Dara AV delivers cutting-edge audio system solutions for any type and size of commercial property. Whether it is active and passive professional audio systems for corporate events, multi-room sound solutions, full-size loudspeaker rigs for concert halls, ground stacked or line array hangs, or club sound solutions, we have the right combination of professional sound equipment for you.

Our system installations include:

  • Public Address (PA) systems
  • Microphones (wired, wireless)
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Speaker systems
  • Mixing consoles
  • Audio switchers Amplifiers
  • DJ equipment
  • Recording equipment
  • Virtual event solutions

Indoor or outdoor, every establishment requires an expert approach to ensure perfect sound quality. Our experienced staff will analyze your venue’s acoustics and the potential size of the audience, and we will recommend the right audio equipment based on their findings. From small, intimate conference rooms to the largest of outdoor stadiums, we have the right sound systems that will provide a memorable auditory experience for everyone in attendance. Whether you need audio solutions for a small conference table or for the back row of a massive congregation or event, Dara AV has the answer for you! 

Our Expert Commercial Audio Speaker Installation Process


First, we will consult with you to determine the best audio speaker solution for you. Whether it’s a dual-purpose complete sound system with mixers or a super-thin soundbar, our team can handle it all!

Installation & Setup

After we’ve listened and documented your needs, we’ll begin installing your commercial audio setup. We will take care of everything – from bringing in the equipment to setting up every aspect of the system.

Training Support

Our job isn’t over once your audio speaker system has been successfully installed. Our team will train you and your staff on how to best operate, maintain, and care for your custom audio system.

Commercial Audio Training Support

On-site training is conducted by our staff, through one-on-one training or in a group setting and can be performed in-person, remotely, or on a phone call. We’ll demonstrate how to operate your audio speaker system and answer any questions about the equipment and its functions. Important questions and concerns relating to your equipment’s maintenance and support will also be answered to your satisfaction. We stay in touch to make sure your expectations are exceeded, and we service what we sell.

Schedule Professional Audio Speaker Services In New York & New Jersey

No matter what services you require for your professional audio system, we can meet your needs. We serve businesses of all types and sizes in the New York and New Jersey area, and our team knows what it takes to install a highly functional audio system that will benefit your day-to-day business operation. Remember, we can also train your staff to use your new audio system, so you get the most out of your investment.

For more information about our audio speaker installations or to request a quote for our professional audio system services, contact us today!