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Audio Video = Client Retention = Increased Revenue

Benefits of Audio Video (AV) Installations Done Right!

Audio Visual Equipment is not just an upgrade that costs money.  AV Equipment, when done properly will pay for itself many times over.  Why?  Because it increases the value of your business by increasing the overall experience to the customer.  Below are some of the value added benefits of AV installations.

1st Impressions Matter!  

Have you ever walked into a room and simply been impressed by the furniture, the cleanliness, the artwork, or any particular feature that exceeded your expectations?  How about sound?  Ever been in a sports bar where the sound was awesome and the buzz in the air was almost like being at the game itself?  The “wow” factor that both audio and video can bring to a business like a bar or restaurant is amazing.  Now, if that wow factor hits home, do you think those customers will want to return to experience it again and again?  You Bet!  The retention of clients from awesome 1st impressions is not only real, it is very profitable.  What about the reverse?  What if you go to a sports bar to watch the game and the sound is bad, crackly, or annoying?  You returning to that bar?  Probably not and you for sure wont tell others to go check it out.  

Increased Client Retention 

Owners spend a lot attracting new clients to their restaurants, bars, and places of business.  But what good is it to spend all that money to get a client to visit if he or she is not going to return?  We call this a “leaky bucket”.  Aquisition costs of a new client is very expensive.  However, retention costs are MUCH cheaper.  In other words, pay attention to your existing customers.  They dont have to come back.  Make sure they have a reason too.  AV services and equipment installed correctly pays for itself long after it is integrated into the location.  When customers leave, you want them talking about the great time they had and making plans to return.  

Word of Mouth

One of the least expensive and most effective forms of advertising, isn’t really advertising at all.  It is simply one person singing the praises of an experience he or she had at your place of business.  It is 100% free and almost always trusted by the recipient.  Get that “buzz” going about your establishment by installing an Audio Visual experience that is 2nd to none.  It builds excitement and is contagious.  When others are bragging about your business to others, your business will grow and it won’t cost you a dime.   

One Time Pay – Endless Return

There is nothing better than an improvement to a product or service that costs the owner 1 time, but he is able to reap the benefits forever.  Well, AV equipment may not last forever, but quality products installed correctly will last a very long time and for sure long after the actual equipment is paid off.  This is why sports teams upgrade stadiums & farmers upgrade equipment.  Same principle anyway.  The idea is to pay for something one that will reap benefits far into the future.  In the case of AV equipment, the benefits are dollars and cents and protect the overall investment of the establishment.  Protect what you own by staying one step ahead of others who are in the same industry.  Make sure your business is getting a solid ROI.

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