Audio Video Creates a “Third Place” in Your Home’s Basement
published onMay 23, 2011

For suburban home owners with a basement, there’s a whole range of possibilities for the space. In most cases, the basement has the same footprint as your home. With a little bit of sheetrock, paint, and ceiling and carpet, you can transform your basement into a large:

– play room
– home gym
– gathering space for parties
– complete home theater

Or even all of the above. Your basement can become the proverbial “third place,” that hangout that’s not quite home, but feels like it.

What Purpose Does Your Basement Serve?

If you’re like many homeowners, for years your basement has been a place to stockpile junk. It’s like your garage overflowed, bypassing your main living space and all the tools, toys and heirlooms made their way into the basement. But you deserve something more from this space.

Create A Home Theater Getaway

Whether you decide to go for a plasma screen, LED HDTV or a Mitsubishi projector and Draper projection screen, we can help you create a getaway that will save you money on entertainment in the long run and bring your family closer together.