Audio Visual Installations Get Greener with New Standards
published onAugust 23, 2012

When you think of churches with dual projector screens and line array speaker systems, you might not think of audio visual technology as being “green.” Power requirements are often high for state-of-the-art systems, but it’s difficult to imagine life without them.

Audio visual technology actually can help your house of worship, retail store or corporate facility be a little greener.

Some cases in point:

  • Programmable Crestron control systems that ensure audio, visual and architectural lighting systems are turned off at night.
  • Zoned audio, video and lighting so that if no one is in that area, the AV systems aren’t being used or drawing power
  • Power sequencing equipment that lets users turn entire systems off and on with one switch, so you don’t forget an important component and leave it on overnight, drawing power
  • LED and plasma screens that are more energy efficient (and safer) than old tube televisions, if you happen to have any left in your space!

InfoComm International, the association for audio visual professionals, has established new Audiovisual Systems Energy Management standards.
InfoComm’s standards help audio visual integrators by establishing best practices for audio visual systems design and integration.

This latest standard, which has been submitted to ANSI for approval, defines and prescribes processes and requirements for ongoing power-consumption management of AV systems, helping AV integrators ensure that systems operate at the lowest power-consuming state possible without compromising system performance. Systems in conformance with the standard meet defined requirements for automation, measurement, analysis and training.

If your organization is concerned about power savings for reasons of sustainability or lower electric bills, (or both) these energy management standards for AV systems will help.

JD Pro has always been concerned about sustainability within our business and for our clients, as exemplified by initiatives like our audiovisual equipment recycling program
in partnership with Empire Recycling.

The InfoComm energy management standards, once approved, will provide us with benchmarks to ensure the systems we specify operate within acceptable parameters when it comes to power consumption.