Being Honest About Your Corporate Audio Visual Budget
published onJanuary 2, 2014

If you’re considering professional, commercial grade audio visual systems for your house of worship, corporate boardroom, or retail venue, you may have spoken with a few audio visual integrators already. You may have heard this question: “What’s your budget?”

When you’re buying real estate, the rule is to give the real estate agent a figure that’s slightly less than you want to spend, because they are going to show you homes right on the edge of your budget. They’re not doing anything wrong. They just want to show you the best house, in the best area, for the money you have available to spend. Since real estate is usually negotiable, going a bit above your limits will get you right where you hoped to be. But if you’re looking for a bargain, you don’t want to reveal your real budget.

What does this have to do with audio visual installations? The way Realtors sell serves as a very bad example for an audio visual integrator.
Audio visual integrators are accustomed to working on a bid basis. If we price ourselves out of the running, we don’t get a second chance. This philosophy of giving our customers the most bang for their buck extends to quote-based projects, as well. When we give you a price quote, it will be fair, honest and accurate. We aren’t going to try to go to the very edge of your budget unless we have to in order to deliver the quality and features you want. If a price estimate comes in much higher than your budget, we’ll work with you to determine how you can get the system you need at a price you can afford.
Like the Realtor, we want to give you the best systems that your money can buy. But we understand budgets are limited, and if we can’t design your dream system on your budget, we’ll let you know. We can design a system that’s perfect for right now and leaves room to grow in the future.

Let’s take an example from a video design and installation project.

A Typical Audio Video Project
Let’s say you outline your needs to us, and it includes multiple screens across your corporate headquarters, with multiple sources and the ability to send any source to any screen. There are a few ways to go.

We could specify commercial grade LED-backlit LCD screens and a video matrix. We might even throw in a few OLEDs from Sony or Samsung if you really want to wow visitors. These screens can have everything from capacitive touch capabilities to motion sensing technology. We’d discuss Crestron in-wall controllers with iPad compatibility to operate it all. If you gave us a six-figure budget, that’s what we would recommend. You would have the best of the best of everything, including superior picture quality, screens that will last and an easy to use matrix.

However, if you said you had a limited budget, we’d have to know just how limited. We could then recommend less costly screens, or even a modulator system in lieu of the video matrix. We’d find a different way to control the system, or perhaps consider one of Crestron’s budget friendly controller models. You’d have most of the same capabilities, but you’d make a few sacrifices…. Maybe you wouldn’t have touch screens or a video wall. Those can be added at a later date.

Designing A System for Every Budget
Here at JD Pro, we firmly believe there isan audio visual system for every budget. If you tell us you need functionality at rock bottom prices, we will work with you to get there. If you give us a number that you have available to spend, we will give you a quote that includes the best quality and most capabilities within that dollar figure. We can also show you options to save money, so you’re spending where it really matters. Buying the right audio visual system really can be that easy when you work with an integrator you trust.