Best Audio Video Deals, Good Service… Or Both?
published onNovember 30, 2011

Did you miss out on the $200 flat screen at your local big box store this Black Friday? Did you decide to skip the midnight crowds and the cold … but now you feel like you’re going to get stuck paying more for all the home theater components and electronics on your Christmas list?

Sure, Black Friday offered steals on LED or plasma HDTVs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, home theater systems in a box, laptops, computers, and other technology. We’re not going to lie. The brave masses who decided it was worth it to stand in line hours before stores open got HDTV screens, home theater components, Blu-Ray players and iPads at prices lower than you will get anywhere at any other time of year.

But we also know the horror stories — people getting trampled in a quest for a $50 Blu-Ray player; waking up at 4 AM; waiting in line in the cold for hours only to discover that there were only five models available at that price point — and you were number six in line! The crowds, the lines… and if something happens to your equipment after you buy it (like it doesn’t work right out of the box or is damaged) or you need help with the installation, you could end up with even more hassles. Who knows how much those super-cheap LED HDTVs really cost in time, money and frustration?

If you decided to skip the Black Friday insanity this year,, it doesn’t mean you’re going to pay too much anywhere else you go. If you’d prefer reasonable prices and top service, with home delivery, installation and even a training session on how to use your new HDTV and universal remote control, a local home theater specialist can help.

You don’t have to feel as if you’re getting taken just because you decide to pay a fair price from a dealer you can trust. You’ll know you’ve gotten your money’s worth, service after the sale if needed — and let’s be honest, you really enjoyed sleeping off all that turkey, didn’t you?