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Bring Your Corporate Meetings to Life With Panasonic 3D

3D HDTV isn’t just catching on now in the residential market, with Samsung, Sony and other 3D HDTV models that don’t require bulky glasses. Now New York and New Jersey corporate JD Pro customers can also enjoy the benefits of life-like 3D HDTV for video conferencing.

No More Fuzzy Corporate Video Conferences

That’s right. Say good-bye to the days of jerky motion and fuzzy video when you host your next video conference.

You’ll be able to see every facial expression and nuanced gesture of your clients, prospects or remote employees during the next conference, permitting you to create an event greater connection and achieve your objectives faster. Don’t let communication gaps, miscommunication or confusion because of old, ineffective video conferencing technology hold you back. Panasonic’s new HD Visual Communications System has the solution.

Panasonic 3D HDTV for Corporate Apps

The HDVC from Panasonic adds, quite literally, a new dimension to videoconferencing. The advanced depth of field provided by 3D makes it easier to accomplish tasks that include teaching medical procedures, completing CAD (Computer Aided Design) remotely, and any other application that previously would have required participants to be in the same room together.

The Panasonic HDVC system is scalable, meaning it allows for Full HD images to be displayed on a wide range of HD monitors, from desktop LCDs all the way up to a 152-inch class HD Plasma display, or even projected with an HD projector. The system also allows for the use of multiple HD cameras for additional angles, close-ups and more.

Applications include:

  • higher education / distance learning
  • Corporate conferences
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality industry meeting rooms
  • Manufacturing industry

Call JD Pro for Your Corporate or Education AV Installation

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Whether you just want to update your video conferencing systems or you need a complete re-vamp of the audio video systems in your school, healthcare facility or corporate offices, JD Pro can deliver.

Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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