Build Better Client Relationships with the Panasonic 3D HDVC
published onApril 11, 2011

Is your corporation looking for new ways to increase sales and improve customer relationships? Then JD Pro has a state-of-the-art, commercial audio video solution for New York- and New Jersey-based corporations – the Panasonic 3D HD Visual Communications System (HDVC).

Surpassing the capabilities of conventional videoconferencing equipment, the Panasonic 3D HDVC system provides your company with real-time, high-definition 3D video and full 360° audio with exceptional clarity and sound quality. You can conduct “face-to-face” meetings with your clients and corporate team members from across the country or around the world – and you will see and hear everyone as if they were seated across the conference room table.

The Panasonic 3D HDVC system is entirely scalable, meaning it allows for full HD images to be displayed on a wide range of HD monitors, from desktop LCDs all the way to a 152-inch class HD Plasma display, or even projected with an HD projector. Multiple HD cameras can also be utilized, so a second camera can zoom in and share detailed images such as CAD drawings, circuit board chips, or close-up details during manufacturing procedures.

Enhancing Customer Communications and Satisfaction

With the Panasonic 3D HDVC system technology, your clients and company employees can:

  • Participate in global sales meetings – achieving objectives quicker
  • Collaborate on product designs – making key decisions faster
  • View manufacturing facilities in real-time – seeing operations up close
  • Zoom in on equipment problems – enabling prompt solutions
  • Attend training sessions remotely – reducing travel expenses and increasing productivity

By building better relationships with your customers, you can bring your company products and services to the marketplace faster and stay ahead of the competition.

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