Buying an HDTV for Father’s Day?
published onJune 8, 2011

Trust us, your dad does not want another tie for Father’s Day. If you want to really show your love to the man who taught you how to change a tire, grill a killer burger, and who’s basically always there for you, give him something he’s been eying for months: a new LED HDTV.

You could run out to the local big box electronics store or warehouse club and pick up the latest sale model plasma or LED. But how lame is it to ask your dad to help carry his own gift into the house and then hook it up? And, oops, you forgot the HDMI cable. Now it’s back to the store… That’s not the way to spend Father’s Day.

Custom Home Theatre Installation for Father’s Day

An LED screen is just that — a box on your wall. Why not give your dad a complete home theatre experience with custom installation of his new HDTV? We’ll hook up the system, hide the wires using our neat and clean wire management system, and even program the remote control just the way your Dad likes it. (Because we all know he never lets anyone else touch it, anyway.) Then we leave your TV room just the way we found it, only better … no wires left unterminated, no mess, no boxes.

Personalized Service

Our friendly, personal service will give your dad happy feelings all around. And if there’s ever a problem with the home theater system, we’re here to service it, too. Our staff answers service calls promptly, and shows up when we say we will.

When you’re stressed out about what to give your dad this Father’s Day, remember, nothing says “I love you,” like 55 inches of high definition video, professionally installed by local home theater contractors who care.