Can I Mount My Flat Screen Over My Fireplace?
published onApril 4, 2011

You see it in magazines and even here in the portfolio of residential home theatre installations. But is it a good idea to mount your new HDTV over your fireplace?

Many so-called AV experts and bloggers will tell you that’s a “never,” when it comes to home theatre design. But there are some cases where it’s not so bad.

Here’s our list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to mounting an LED, LCD or Plasma screen over a fireplace.
Don’t place your HDTV flat screen and its components:

  • Over a conventional wood-burning fireplace or a wood-burning stove; it gives off too much dry heat plus soot, which can damage your HDTV.
  • Over a fireplace that’s used nearly round-the-clock for home heating in the winter.
  • Anywhere they won’t have proper ventilation to stay cool.
  • Over a fireplace in a small room — the viewing angle won’t be optimal

Do place your HDTV:

  • Over a gas fireplace that’s only used for special occasions
  • Over a gas fireplace in a large room, where people can view the screen comfortably from their seats
  • In a location that provides comfortable viewing angles and contributes to the overall interior design of your home

And one more HDTV Do:
Always have your flat screen securely mounted by a professional to ensure the safety of you and your family.