Can Your Venue Benefit from a Video Matrix?
published onSeptember 14, 2011

Today’s New York bar, restaurant and club-goers demand something more from the experience. Many homes today have sophisticated control systems for their media centers (we know, because we install a lot of them in the New York area.) People are accustomed to accessing any source they want, at any time, whether it’s a feed from the Internet, their iPad, DVR, Blu-Ray. You name it, it’s all available at the touch of button.

You want to provide your patrons with as many entertainment options in your venue — along with better food, of course, and an atmosphere they can’t get at home. But you have other things to do than play with audio video equipment all day. We get it.

What’s the easy, cost-effective solution to send any source signal to any screen in your New York sports bar, club, restaurant or ultra-lounge?

A digital video router matrix, like the Knox Video Chameleon, can replace dozens of rack spaces of equipment, permitting you to send images from any source to any screen or projector in your venue. The Chameleon supports HDMI, DVI, HDSDI and DisplayPort outputs.

Connect your:

  • DirecTV
  • DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Digital signage server
  • Cable
  • PC, iPad or other Internet-enabled device
  • The digital format provides a high-quality signal — the same quality people are used to seeing at home — with less cables to run.

    Easy to Control

    Pair your video matrix switcher with a touchpanel control mounted on your wall, behind the bar, anywhere your manager- or bartender-on-duty needs to access it to switch sources easily, at your customers’ demand. Or integrate it all with a Crestron system for more advanced (but still easy to use) control of both your audio and video systems on one screen. You can even control the Crestron system through your iPad, iPhone or Android-based smartphone.

    Need Even More Outputs?

    A Knox Video matrix is field expandable. That means if you add more sources, more screens, or both, just give us a call and we’ll set it up for you.

    Your customers demand the best experience in your venue, as good or better than what they get at home. You deserve the best systems available to control that experience. Give JD Systems a call to see what we can do for you.