CES 2011 News: How Smart is Your HDTV?
published onJanuary 21, 2011

All the hottest gadgets and audio visual gear for your home were on display at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas from January 6 – 9.

LG Electronics held a big, early-morning press conference before the show even started with a lot of exciting news for the consumer home theater. At the top of the list was the company’s new Home Dashboard GUI, the user interface for LG’s new Smart TVs.

<h3>LG Smart TV for Your Family</h3>

LG Smart TVs bring home theatre connectivity to the next level. LG SmartTVs let you access live, streamed content from Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus and Amazon VOD, plus movies, photos and music stored on a network computer or connected via USB drive. You can also surf the Web straight from your LG Smart TV through the built-in Web browser. You’ll also get access to LG’s TV Apps, a collection of entertainment, news and reference apps for your home family. A Smart TV isn’t just an HDTV or a home entertainment system — it can take educational programming to the next level.

<h3>Not Ready to Upgrade?</h3>
Did you buy an LG HDTV before you heard about Smart TV? Not to worry. Thanks to LG Electronics’ soon to be released SmartTV Upgrader (ST600), you can get all these features on your current LG HDTV. The Apple TV-like little black box has built in WiFi and connects to your LG HDTV through an HDMI connection.

<h3>LG Magic Motion Remote Control</h3>
Of course, the best HDTV in the world is nothing without the right remote control, so LG has it covered with the Magic Motion Remote Control, a motion-controlled, point-and-click wand that does everything a regular remote control does but adds the functionality of something like a virtual computer mouse (you wave it in the air and point to your selection) for ease-of-use.

<h3>Ready to Upgrade to an LG SmartTV?</h3>
Excited to get a new LG SmartTV and need someone to help you put it all together, mount your new HDTV, or maybe even set up a complete home theater system for you in the New York area? Call JD Pro, where we offer a number of affordable home cinema installation packages to fit your family’s needs.