Christie Micro HD Tiles Add Flexibility to Video Projection
published onNovember 11, 2011

We recently attended the ALmo e4 exhibit in New York City, and got a sneak peek and some of the latest technology we can use in New York hospitality venues, restaurants, sports bars and more to continue raising the bar on the audio video experience across Staten Island and the New York tri-state area.

One of the newest pieces of technology that really kickstarted our imaginations is the HD MicroTiles from Christie Digital. These 16-inch by 9-inch high def tiles can be configured into any arrangement for incredible flexibility when it comes to video projection.

Don’t call it a video wall. It’s much more than that. The manufacturer refers to it as the “new digital canvas,” and we like that, as it implies that you can create virtually anything you want with these tiles.

Christie MicroTiles:

  • Combine rear projection and LED technology for brighter images and a wider pallette than LED or plasma displays
  • Have virtually no limit to how many tiles you can combine, in any configuration you can imagine

  • Are lightweight and easy to install, locking together effortlessly (we like that)
  • Are all front-accessible for easy field repairs in 15 minutes or less (we like that, but for our customers, it means virtually no downtime, which we know you like, too!)
  • Offer higher resolution than other LED panels on the market for a better picture
  • Look equally good from any angle and any distance, even in high ambient light; you can even walk up and touch them!

  • Use less energy than conventional screens and stay cooler, without added energy use

Impressed As We Are by the MicroTiles?

We’re cynical New Yorkers. It takes a lot to make us say Wow. But the Christie Digital MicroTile display at ALmo e4 did just that. If you had the same reaction, give us a call to see what this technology can do for your bar, restaurant, nightclub or entertainment business.