Commercial Integrator SpotlightsZ Two – Staten Island and JD Systems
published onAugust 12, 2011

Did you ever do something so cool that you just wanted to tell the whole world about it? Designing exciting, unique audio video systems for New York bar and restaurant owners is a big part of what we do here at JD Systems. But we don’t always get a chance to tell the world.

We were honored that gave us the opportunity to share one of our latest design and installation projects, which included complete audio visual systems and Crestron control. Kudos to writer Craig MacCormack for doing such a great job capturing the vibe of Z2, a unique Staten Island eatery, along with the challenges we faced on the job site.

It all started about a year ago when the Z 2 owners called us up. We’d installed the audio video systems at Z One a year prior, and the owners wanted to catch lightning in a bottle a second time.

We don’t want to just re-create the same project over and over again. Z One was awesome — from the menu to the ambiance and yes, the technology, too — so Z Two had to be even better and, most importantly, different.

Audio Video to the Next Level

While Z One is an upscale diner/restaurant/lounge, Z 2 takes the multi-venue concept to another level with a large sports bar component as well as that upscale diner/lounge/club feel. Thirty-five flat screen monitors and a 2 X 2 96-inch video wall help set the space apart. You just don’t see something like this anywhere else on Staten Island.

Another cool part of the video system (and we’d be foolish not to use these more often in future projects!) were the in-mirror video displays in the bathroom from Electric Mirror. Today’s customers are discriminating; you need to take AV systems to the next level with really unique applications of the technology if you’re going to make people say “Wow!”

What customers don’t notice — but the employees definitely do — is the Knox Video Switcher that makes it possible to route any source to any screen in the place and the Crestron control system that makes it easy to do.

Z Two Opens Its Doors, Powers Up AV Systems

So I mentioned that we started designing the audio video and control systems for the space back in August 2010. We just wrapped up as Z Two got set to open its doors this June. It was an exciting project, filled with lots of challenges. But Commercial Integrator did such a great job telling the story, I’ll let them take it from here:

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Thanks again to Craig and the rest of the gang at CI.