Crestron Controls to Keep Baby Safe
published onJune 1, 2011

Many JD Pro customers think of using Crestron controllers in their homes to manage their home theater systems, lighting, heating and AC, and maybe even their sprinkler system. But Crestron’s capabilities go far beyond even the whole home control systems they do so well.

How about using a Crestron system as what we can best describe as a “baby monitor on steroids?”

Hear Your Baby, See Your Baby in HD

Home Electronics magazine covered a system designed by an audio video and home theater installer in Colorado. It puts any baby monitor you could buy off the shelf to shame. There’s no worries of interference, dead batteries, fuzzy sound or losing the handheld portion of the monitor. The parents turn on the system with the touch of one button. Any sound above a certain volume coming from the baby’s room trips a relay in the Crestron whole home automation system, which then routes the signal to speakers in the master bedroom and the kitchen, Home Electronics writer Steven Castle reports.

Simultaneously, a video image captured by a camera in the nursery is routed to a display panel near the parents’ bed. The parents can leave the image on all night to keep an eye on their little one.

Crestron Makes Life Better

You’re probably thinking, “Of course they’ll say that. They’re Crestron dealers.” But the more we see Crestron whole home controls in action, the more we are convinced that it can be used not just to make life more fun, but to make life less expensive through its energy saving tools, more convenient by putting the control of all the electronics in your home right at your fingertips and now, the right application of whole home control technology can make life safer, too.

Whether you want Crestron controls for your home theater, baby’s room, or your whole house, give us a call and we’ll take the time to show you what this system can do.