We exercise great care in procuring the right A/V components to meet your unique needs and match the appropriate environment. These components include:

A/V Commercial Design Consulting in New York & New Jersey

At DaraAV, we are one of the leading commercial audio-visual companies servicing the New York and New Jersey areas. Integrating new devices into your current system can be frustrating, even for the most seasoned tech-minded person. As your commercial A/V design consultant, we handle the entire process from finding the ideal location for your equipment, to obtaining the equipment, and installing your custom setup. We will help you determine a scope of work, build a custom design framework unique to your establishment, ensure everything is integrated properly, and easy to operate—all while staying inside your budget.

Commercial A/V System Design

For over 10 years, DaraAV has provided our partners with custom A/V solutions for their boardrooms, conference rooms, retail space, dining spaces, hospitality venues, and worship spaces. 

We work with our clients to design high-quality A/V systems that meet their specific needs. We strive to create straightforward systems that are universally easy to use so that clients can focus on their day-to-day operations. Our A/V solutions are sure to amaze your employees and guests.


A well-designed sound system isn’t as straightforward as selecting off-the-shelf speakers and microphones. Proper wiring, appropriate amplification, and optimal speaker coverage are only a handful of factors that need to be considered in creating a prime audio system design for your establishment. 

Our designers will provide you with custom user guides and systems diagrams to ensure that your crew, staff, or congregation knows exactly how your audio system works.


Video signals are complex and can become expensive to the untrained eye. How useful is your projector if the image can’t be seen in bright daylight? There may be cheaper equipment out there, but compromising on quality can lead to disappointment to your guests, resulting in a negative experience. Variables such as screen ratios and cable length will affect how well a system functions. Our team meticulously sets up every device, wires each system accordingly, and troubleshoots each unique fact to ensure your project comes out beautifully

Our team will develop a comprehensive design inside of your budget that meets your business’s needs all while maintaining our high standards. We exercise great care in procuring the right A/V components to meet your unique needs and match the appropriate environment. These components include:

  • Monitors for Conference Rooms.
  • Lighting & Access Control Automation.
  • Digital Signage for Lobbies or Restaurants.
  • Communications Systems.
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP).
  • Sound Masking Noise Solutions.
  • Network, I.T. Installation and Support.
  • Managed IT and Desktop Systems.
  • Cabling / Low Voltage Wiring.
  • Complex Systems Integration.

Our Design Process

One of our goals is to continuously provide exceptional service – no matter the scale of your project – and to build long-lasting relationships you can depend on! Throughout the design process it is important we explore all your needs in detail so we can provide a comprehensive plan for you to consider. From concept to completion, we give careful thought and attention to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your business’s needs. Ultimately, our custom-tailored method makes your entire experience as effective and efficient as possible from start-to-finish.

1. Consultation

We kick off our projects with an initial consultation in which we discuss your needs and vision. Initial discussions dive into your wants and then we dive into our potential plan that balances your expectations with new developments in technology, your budget, and future considerations for integrating smart systems.

2. Design

Once our consultation is complete, our team gets to work to design the most efficient and sensible layout for your system. Our drafting process will ensure that it meets your current needs and leaves room for growth as your business’s needs evolve. Once we have our design proposal prepared, we’ll schedule a meeting to review what we have compiled.

3. Review

Throughout the review meeting, we’ll discuss the solutions we have designed for your business or worship center. We review all aspects of the plan to ensure that we’ve covered every space in your establishment, and we’ll discuss the planned site for your custom A/V system. If you request changes, our team can adjust the project scope and design as needed.

4. Installation

On the day of installation, our team will arrive at the scheduled time and install your system based on the plan we approved during the review. Your equipment will be cataloged and we will compile a checklist for the project to keep the process moving efficiently. At your request, we will be happy to share our checklist in order to maintain transparency during our installation process.

5. Training Support

Once your project is complete, we demonstrate how to use your new system so you and your team have the peace of mind to navigate your A/V systems competently.

The Tri-State Area’s A/V Design Consultant

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