Digital Signage Helps Stop Staten Island Shoplifters
published onJanuary 22, 2014

Here at JD Pro, we like to think of audio visual integrators as problem solvers of the 21st century. That is, we help our customers deploy the right technology to solve the problems they face in their organization, whether that’s improving communications, enhancing advertising and promotions, or improving the production values of shows they present.

Technology is deployed to help people see song lyrics in their local church or find their way around a community college. Audio visual systems solve problems, increase security, and create happier, safer workplaces.

Digital Signage to Stop Shrinkage?
Another example came to mind this past holiday season: The Staten Island Mall is using video display technology to help solve a very real, very costly problem: shoplifting. Businesses lose an estimated $16 billion each year to shoplifting.

According to an article in hometown website, and picked up by the international trade, the mall is using 11 video kiosks to run faces of repeat offender shoplifters. The text reads: “Want to be famous? Shoplift in this mall and you could have your face right here. Stealing from any merchant at the Staten Island Mall is a crime. You will be prosecuted.”

Both articles tout the benefit of “shaming” shoplifters by using the wonders of technology to show their mugshots. But we’d like to think “prevention” is also an element. These sticky finger types may take their talents elsewhere, but we hope they wouldn’t have the nerve to shoplift in the same mall again, where store employees or even other shoppers may identify and report them.

How Can Audio Visual Technology Help You?
This application for digital signage is something no one would have considered 15 years ago, mainly because the technology was just barely there to route an image from a server onto a digital signage kiosk.

In fact, very few stores deployed digital signage kiosks at all. Today’s technology makes it a fairly logical, and cost-effective, theft deterrent. You can rotate these shoplifter images with paid advertising from stores in the mall, mall promotions, even fun seasonal videos that will catch people’s attention. The technology will soon pay for itself in reduced shrinkage and advertising revenue. Department stores can use digital signage to set the mood. As places like Sears and Penney’s move toward “lifestyle selling” with individual “shops” within the larger store that target very specific demographics, kiosks can delineate the borders between each brand within the store.

JD Pro: Deploying Technology to Solve Your Problems
People in the corporate, retail, house of worship and educational sectors call an audio visual integrator when they have a problem technology can help them solve. We don’t usually get calls from potential customers saying, “I want you to outfit my facility with the best audio visual systems.”

They’re more likely to say something like: “Okay, so I have a store in the mall and I want to set it apart with an amazing window display.”

Or: “We need to find a better way to communicate with our employees in our corporate facility.”

Churches often tell us: “Our congregation members can’t hear us.”

We know that’s a big problem. And we know we can solve it.

The Right Training for Today’s Technology
Of course, technology is only a problem-solver as long as it’s not part of the problem. That is, rock-solid audio visual systems should be easy to use and run when they’re supposed to. In most cases, you shouldn’t have to hire an entire new department in your organization to operate your audio visual equipment. Your audio video integrator should provide the training your users need to use the equipment without supervision under regular circumstances.

What problems are you facing in your organization that technology may help you solve? Why not call JD Pro for a consultation today?