Digital Signage: How to Feed the Monster in NY Bars and Restaurants
published onAugust 24, 2011

Digital signage sounds like a great idea. Top New York and New Jersey bars and restaurants like Park East in Hazlet, New Jersey, are using it to:

  • Brand a venue in a unique, eye-catching way
  • Share news of upcoming events in your New York restaurant or sports bar
  • Promote drink and menu specials in real time
  • Get customers talking and keep them entertained with cool eye candy animations
  • Change the mood of your venue depending on time of day or events that are happening

But one thing many venues struggle with when they call an audio video integrator to set up a digital signage system is content. (We can relate, as it’s not always easy keeping this blog fed week after week either!)

Let’s face it: Most restaurant and bar owners, retail managers, and other commercial clients who can benefit from digital signage are not graphic designers. We’re here to tell you: Problem solved.

One-Stop Audio Video Integration Shop

In addition to supplying you with the screens, servers, and control systems for your digital signage applications, we have an in-house art department to help you with digital signage content.

If you have a flyer, they can modify it to fit the flat screen monitor. If you have an idea,a logo, a tagline or even a drink special promo, they’ll turn it into an eye-catching, active and informative display.

But it gets even better than that…

One Month Free Content

We’ll get you started with a month’s worth of free content for your digital signage system when you sign a 12-month contract, just so you can see some of the potential of digital signage realized in living color, HD video.

Just let us know what you want to promote, share, or brand, and our team takes it from there. (Some restrictions do apply.)

With a company like JD Systems behind you, digital signage is probably one of the most hands-free marketing techniques you can use in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Call Us to See What We Can Do For You

Package pricing varies because, like our commercial audio video installations, every project is different. But we’ll provide you with fair, honest pricing and we’ll deliver what you need to feed the monster. And by monster, we mean a high-tech digital signage system that will inform and entertain your customers while gently encouraging them to spend more money with you. You know, if that’s what you want.