Digital Signage: So Many Choices, Don’t Get Left Behind
published onDecember 26, 2011

More and more New York corporate offices and retail locations are incorporating digital signage as part of their audio video upgrades. The field is developing fast, and new players seem to enter the game every day with digital signage solutions. It’s hard enough for professional audio video integrators to sort it all out — we can’t imagine what bar and restaurant owners must be thinking as they start to explore the possibilities.

Ask for Help
You know your business better than anyone. You know your customers, and you know what they like. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in the technology that delivers the experience your patrons want.

At JD Pro, we got into the digital signage game early. We’ve attended seminars. Read the trade journals. And, most importantly, we have first-hand experience with the product options out there.

One solution we find ourselves turning to again and again is the Tightrope Media Systems digital signage system. It’s proven to be versatile, user-friendly, and robust enough for most applications. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only answer. When you call JD Pro, we’ll talk with you, help you explore your options, and select the digital signage system that will meet your needs today and, ideally, grow with you, as well.

Digital Signage Evolves
It’s hard to predict what’s around the corner when it comes to digital signage, but there is one thing we know: If you don’t act now, your competitors might.

Sure, next year’s digital signage solution might be even cooler and cost a little bit less. But think about how many more drinks you could be selling, how many more messages you could be sharing, how much paper you could be saving, and how many smiles you ‘ll be putting on the faces of your customers if you make the jump NOW.

Need help making a decision? Or still on the fence about deploying digital signage in your New York venue? Why not give us a call to talk about some of your options?