D’Jais of BelMar, We Knew You “When”
published onAugust 1, 2011

One of the cool things about designing the audio video systems in hot New York sports bars, restaurants and ultra-lounges is the opportunity to “go home again.” While every project — and every customer — is always Number One in our book, some are even cooler for a reason that has nothing to do with technology.

This was the case when the owners of D’Jais in Belmar called us to upgrade the video systems in the legendary beach club on the Jersey shore. Back in the day, we hung out at D’Jais. We danced and drank during the big Sunday afternoon party. We let the air conditioned air hit our sunburned skin after a hot day on the beach. We watched the game on those old tube television sets hanging around the bar. Let me tell you about those televisions…

When the D’Jais owners called us about upgrading their video systems to keep up with changing technology, they emphasized that it had to maintain the classic look of the beach bar. The client didn’t want the monitors to be overtly “high-tech.” They didn’t want any bezels, no piano finish. Just a clean, unassuming design that would blend in with the Wainscott paneling, hardwood floors, ancient registers and retro bar stools.

The AV Gear
We placed a total of 20 Samsung commercial grade monitors around the bars, making sure every seat in the house had a good view of the game, the show, or whatever is playing at the time. Of course, we added a Knox Video Switcher Matrix, permitting the manager-on-duty or bartender to easily send any source to any screen with the touch of just a few buttons.

Is There Such Thing as an “Understated Wow?”
People walk into the bar and say “Wow,” when they notice the change, but they know it’s the same old D’Jais, too, a legendary Jersey Shore venue where summer memories are made. We’re proud we had the opportunity to put our unique touch in the place.