Does Your HDTV Qualify for an ENERGY STAR Tax Refund?
published onApril 13, 2011

It’s tax time again! As you’re preparing your taxes, you may be wondering if that new flat screen HDTV you purchased last year qualifies for a federal tax credit. While an HDTV is an ENERGY STAR qualified product, unfortunately according to the U.S. Department of Energy, it’s not on the list of energy efficient products eligible for a tax refund.

However, if you’re due for a big refund this year, a flat screen HDTV is a great way to spend your money – especially if you’re upgrading from an old analog TV.


  • Has about six times the number of pixels than your old CRT set. Plus, these pixels are smaller. More, smaller pixels mean you’ll have a sharper, higher-resolution picture with richer, more natural colors.
  • Offers greater clarity since digital signals are crystal clear with noise-free reception – no more blurry, fuzzy, or ghosted images.
  • Uses Dolby® Digital sound – producing superior, crisp, defined sound quality.
  • Provides a wider viewing screen. Theatrical-release movies will have less edge cropping – allowing you to have a more intense viewing experience.
  • Offers electronic program guides, additional languages, and subtitles.
  • Uses about 40% less energy in all modes of operation (stand-by and active) – saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Connect your new HDTV your home’s wireless Internet network for streaming video and more.

As the major broadcast networks and cable/satellite channels increase their high definition programming lineup, with an HDTV, you’ll know you’re experiencing these shows or movies as they are meant to be seen.

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