Drive Sales and Grow Your Business with Today’s Audio Video Technology
published onJanuary 30, 2012

Even with signs of economic recovery, there’s no doubt today’s hospitality arenas are competitive. How do you set yourself apart?

For many New York hotels, sports bars or restaurants, the answer lies in audio video solutions. But investing in the right audiovisual equipment to create a “Wow” experience for your guests can be expensive; how do you know you’re making the right choices to show a real return on your investment?

Leveraging your audiovisual systems to increase profits means much more than just hanging up a few more flat screens. Here are three ideas to get you thinking about the creative possibilities today’s techology offers.

1. Use digital signage to promote upcoming specials. – Is Thursday night ladies night at your New York sports bar? Do kids eat free every Sunday? Let your guests know what’s to come with custom digital signage content.

2. Sell advertising on your flat screens with a digital signage system. – Here’s one way to get your digital signage investment to pay for itself rather quickly. Whether you run a restaurant or nightclub, sell advertising to your partners (or provide it as a value-added service) in your space. This is a true win-win, since you’re advertising the brands you offer. If your AV contractor has an in-house design team, you can even create original content for your advertisers to make sure what your customers see is top quality and reflects your brand.

3. Create an experience so “over-the-top” that your guests will just have to tell their friends and spread the word. A good example is Staten Island’s Z2 restaurant, lounge and sports bar. The 96-inch 2X2 video wall just wasn’t enough for Z2 owners, so we went back a few months after the grand opening to add a 119-inch screen with a 6500 lumen, hi-def projector to enhance the viewing experience.

Keeping your audio video systems fresh, so repeat guests never know what they can expect next time they visit, is another way to increase profitability and drive word-of-mouth business.

Stay tuned as the JD Systems team is putting together something special to help our loyal website visitors think creatively when it comes to using audiovisual systems to enhance the experience in your space.