“Every Project is Different”
published onAugust 17, 2011

For a while now, we’ve toyed with the idea of providing a “Day in the Life” type blog post for the ever-expanding staff of JD Systems. And then we realized:

1. Reading about our day would probably make people’s heads spin — some days, we can’t even keep up!

2. Every day is different here in our Staten Island offices … when we’re there. When we’re on a job site completing a commercial audio video installation, it’s even more exciting and unique.

As a growing, solid small-to-mid-sized AV firm, the JD owners wear many hats. Sales, design, service, installation. And we love it that way. We’ve just expanded our staff with two new audio visual experts, and we have an extensive network of professionals we call on for larger jobs, too. Guys well-versed in all aspects of IT and AV, because the convergence of these fields is one of the most challenging aspects of our business today. (What does that mean to you, our customers? Essentially, you can control your audio video through your in-house network. It means greater flexibility and ease of use.)

But a day in the life? No way to summarize it in 250 words. And that’s the way we like it.

Why You Should Care

We bet you’re waiting for the pay off now. How does this benefit you, commercial audio video customers?

When you partner with JD Systems to design and install the audio video systems for your restaurant, sports bar, nightclub or any other venue, we guarantee your systems won’t look like the systems next door.

We’re not looking to create the *next* Park East. Even ZTwo, a venue with the same owners as Staten Island’s now famous Z One diner/restaurant/lounge, is not just a lame remake of the original. It’s completely unique.

We look for opportunities to create that “Wow” factor in everything we do. We pinpoint the key technology that will have all your customers telling their friends about the great new place they had lunch/dinner/drinks or watched the game.

Any audio video integrator (well, almost any one) can give you drawings of the right spots to hang the speakers. The integrated AV systems we design accomplish a greater purpose: to differentiate your venue from its competitors and drive business to your establishment.