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How often can my Audio and Video equipment be used? 
Audio/Video Equipment has many different uses as well as different models designed for that specific use.  We will recommend the proper equipment, chosen to meet that specific need. 

With normal use, how long will my A/V equipment last?  
While some manufacturers have a posted lifespan, in almost all cases that span is dependent on the model chosen.  Some gear is designed for commercial use and is built for 24/7 wear and tear while others are made for consumer use and so the less use the longer the life of the equipment.

What is A/V Distributed Audio? 
A distributed Audio system is an Audio system designed with coverage in mind.  In short, it is more speakers spread throughout your desired coverage space at a lower volume rather than a few at a higher volume in order to cover that space

Why should my business use it? 
Distributed Audio is typically used in any setting where mood and conversation are important such as Restaurant, Hospitality, and Retail. 

How do I control the A/V system?
Depending on the system, an A/V system can be controlled in any number of ways.  The more complex the system, the more sophisticated the remote that is needed.  Crestron, AMX, and Control 4 are among the best and most versatile of Control Systems          

How long will it take to add A/V system to my business?  
The time of the install ranges depending on the scope of the work being done, but most mid-size integration takes between 3-5 days.

How does the size and shape of my space affect my A/V needs?  
The size of your space will tell where and how many speakers are needed to hear sound at a proper level.  It will also determine how many monitors are needed to get your message to your customers. 

Are you able to compensate for poor acoustics?  
Yes, Placement as well as the type of speaker can help compensate for poor acoustics.

Do I need an integrated system? 
This depends on the complexity of the system and what it will be used for.

As my equipment ages, or new technologies become available, it it easy to upgrade?  
Yes. Dara AV always designs our systems so that an upgrade is easy and painless.

How do you determine the size requirement of my Flat Panel Display, Projection Screen, or Video Wall that I need for my communication or entertainment environment?  
The wall size, the viewing distance and content determine the size necessary. 

Can I provide my own equipment? 
The condition of the equipment and model will determine whether or not we will take on a project where equipment is provided. If we deem it to be of good quality, and in good condition, then we will install it.

How far can HDMI cables be run? 
30ft before drop-off.  They can be extended further via CAT 5 extenders or boosters.

Do you work with builders? 
Yes, quite often. It’s best to get us involved early in the process.

What is the maximum size or weight of a TV that can be installed on our interior walls?  And how is it determined? 
This is all determined on the integrity and construction of the wall.

Do you offer a warranty on your installations? 
Yes – 90 days on craftsmanship from completion of install plus manufacturer’s warranty on equipment.

What happens if I have a problem after installation?  
While we make every attempt to have a perfect installation every time, sometimes errors may occur.  We pride ourselves on our service and will be there for you through the life of your system.

Do I need permits for an A/V system installation?  
Depending on your municipality, a low voltage permit may be required.   While A/V is not dangerous on its face like other trades such as framing, electrical and plumbing, if improperly installed, equipment can affect the integrity of building structure it is hanging from and in some instances must be checked.