F.C. Gotham: New York Sports Fans Have a New Superhero
published onDecember 30, 2013

J.D. Systems Pop Quiz:
The F.C. in F.C. Gotham stands for:

    • First class
    • Full color
    • Freakin’ cool
    • Football club

*Read on to find out.)

The JD Systems team completed a video installation at F.C Gotham, New York’s new 3,000-foot sports bar with a look and feel like no other. We outfitted the high-end sports bar with 27 screens ranging in size from 32 to 70 inches, making it the perfect venue for everything from the Super Bowl to the “other” football. You know, we call it “soccer” here in the states, but the F.C. in F.C. Gotham actually stands for “football club.” (If you can’t figure out the Gotham part, turn in your man card and go back to Comic Books 101, please.)

A Different Experience in New York Sports Bars
F.C. Gotham was designed to offer sports enthusiasts a different kind of experience. Owner Ryan Tarantino wanted to focus as much on European sports as football, baseball and all the others here at home. It’s a sign of the growth of European football here in the states. But, more importantly, he wanted to create an atmosphere that is cozy … kind of like the world’s biggest home theater with professional bartenders at your beck and call and amazingly tasty snacks, apps and entrees, too.

You know, as a hospitality owner, you go into a sports bar, and there are a lot of “copycat” venues out there. They just want to throw a bunch of TVs everywhere, without thinking about the cohesive design. Maybe it makes it easy to watch your favorite game, but there’s no reason to choose one place over the other.

FC Gotham is just… different. And we’re saying that as sports fans as well as professional audiovisual integrators. The owner and designers took their time to create the perfect color scheme and make sure every element works together. The design is elegant yet rustic, made for the serious sports fanatic or any New Yorker who wants to enjoy a fun night out. Some places are just about packing the house. FC Gotham is about creating a cozy, exclusive experience for those who choose to enjoy this A-list venue.

The Role of Video Design
We’re not going to lie. Along with a sound system designed by Steve Dash, the video systems from JD Systems played a key role in making FC Gotham a superhero in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district.

FC Gotham consists of 3,000-square-feet of space on the lower level of the building, including a 1,500-square-foot VIP room. This is not a huge venue, so every inch mattered. We were able to mount 40-inch Panasonic LED TVs across the room, back to back, using Chief mounts. The unique construction of these mounts gave us the additional clearance we needed to specify 40-inch screens.

We used a 16X64 matrix router from Knox Video to give the client the ability to send any source, including 12 DirecTV boxes, to any screen in the venue.
Panasonic screens offering component video inputs allowed us to keep costs down on the matrix and cabling as well as the screens, themselves. The screens have the same beveling for a consistent look, right up to the 70-inch monitor.

VIP “Wow” Factor
While the whole venue is a cut above many competitors, the 70-inch LED flanked by two 32-inch monitors on each side in the VIP room really makes guests sit up and take notice. I mean, what more do you need than bottle service and 70 inches of NFL action? (Okay, if either of our teams could win a game that would make for a perfect night.)

Forgive Us While We Brag
Unlike the Jets or Giants so far this year, JD Systems came through with seconds on the clock. We faced everything from construction delays throughout the project — and a firm Grand Opening night — to design challenges in the VIP room, which had a low ceiling and air conditioning ducts that interfered with our plans to hang the screens. We worked four long days and nights. No sooner did our guys get home to their Staten Island beds than we were crossing the bridge again to head into the Meatpacking district and finish the project. A special shout-out goes to our project manager Don Mehl, who kept everyone motivated and on the right track.

Was it all worth it? Of course. FC Gotham is ready for New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl Sunday and beyond.

But why should you believe us? Let the pictures speak for themselves. (Visit our Facebook page to view even more.)