Gear Up Now For Your Church’s Easter Pageant
published onFebruary 12, 2014

Most churches start thinking about and planning their Easter production shortly after Christmas. The typical rule is to start planning any big event three months out. This gives you time to write the script, put together any relevant videos, select music, and get the performers practicing with plenty of time before the production.

With Easter falling late this year, on April 20, you still have some time. But not much. And if you’re looking at a comprehensive audio video upgrade for your sanctuary to accommodate the performance, it’s definitely time to begin shopping around for an audio visual integrator.

Do you need an audio video upgrade? Will you use rental equipment, instead? Or are your current systems fit for the task of delivering crystal clear spoken word and superior audio to a packed house?

Here are some questions to consider before you make the decision.

Will you bring in rental gear for the Easter pageant?If the answer is yes, it’s time to do a cost-benefit analysis against renting the gear this one time, or upgrading your systems to deliver superior audio and an amazing video experience every Sunday.

How many times a year do you rent audio video equipment to achieve the effects you want for a particular service or special event? – Again, if it’s more than twice a year, for Christmas and Easter, weigh the costs of the equipment you rent vs. owning similar equipment and having it permanently installed in your sanctuary.

Would you like to attract higher quality Christian acts, but find you don’t have the systems to support them? -Would you be able to do more community outreach, concerts and draw high-profile acts if you met touring groups’ concert riders? Is this a part of your church’s vision for the future?

Is the quality of your audio video on any given sudden affecting the way the Message is received?The good thing about an audio video upgrade, vs. renting equipment, is that it’s permanent… and it’s yours. You might make the purchase for Easter and Christmas shows, but you’ll reap the benefits at every service.

Does your sanctuary accommodate all your worshippers for your Easter pageant?If you find yourself sorely in need of overflow space, an audio video s upgrade that includes distributed video to your coffee house, lobby and other fellowship areas could be worth the money, especially if it means cutting down the number of services and making life easier on your staff, while bringing more members of your church together on the same date and time.

Whatever your decision, hire an audio video integrator you can trust to supply and install your systems. No matter what happens, your regular congregation members will come back. But Easter represents a prime time for churches to do community outreach and touch the unchurched. When it comes to a big Sunday like your Easter service, there’s only one chance to get it right. The only time people tend to notice technology during church services is when it fails. Create an Easter Sunday service where transparent technology enhances the worship experience.

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