Get the Most From Your HDTV: Don’t Use that Old RF Cable
published onApril 1, 2011

You just got your new plasma, LED or LCD flat screen TV home and you’re excited to start watching all your favorite shows in 1080p high-definition. You carefully unplug your old tube TV, remembering which wire goes to which component, and plug your new HDTV right into your existing cable box, using the same cable.

This wasn’t what your HDTV looked like at the store! Pixelated, blurry images have you second-guessing your decision. Sure, your new flat screen takes up less room, but what were you thinking?
Be patient. Take a second. Breathe deeply.
The solution is easy.

First, you need to exchange your old Optimum Cablevision or Time Warner Cable box with a new box that specifically says “HD HDMI.” A high-def box isn’t enough… it must have the HDMI connection.
Then, you’ll need to replace that old RF connector cable with an HDMI cable.
Plug it in, and all of a sudden, you’ll be experiencing sharper images than you’ve ever seen before on a TV screen in your living room. Colors will pop. The action will seem to come to life. This is why you spent all this money.
You settle in to enjoy all your favorite shows on digital cable in full, 1080p high definition video. You’ll see an even bigger difference if you move up to the higher channels and look for the HD versions of your favorite networks.
Then you’ll want to head back to the electronics store and pick up a Blu-Ray player, because while your DVDs look good … they just don’t compare. Welcome to the world of video-philes.

Want an even easier way? Call JD Pro to get your complete home theater system and have it professionally installed, and safely mounted, with all the right components. We’ll even program your remote control and provide a quick 20-minute training session.
And we promise we’ll never forget the HDMI cable.