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Great Black Friday Deal? Let a Pro Audio Visual Integrator Design Your Home Theater System

From a 32-inch LCD under $150 to a Panasonic 3D HDTV for under a grand, savvy shoppers scooped up amazing deals on Black Friday. In recent years, HDTV screens have become one of the hottest selling, and most deeply discounted, items in Black Friday sales. And at JD Pro, we love a good sale. Saving money is important. But we believe there are certain aspects of home theatre design and installation you should never skimp on.

Professional HDTV Mounting and Home Theater Design

If you took advantage of Black Friday and cyber-Monday sales to purchase the HDTV screen of your dreams, it may be time to celebrate a belated “small business Saturday” and call a local home theater integrator to professionally mount your plasma or LCD screen. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you call the pros.

1 – A safe, professional installation – We’ve mentioned this often because it’s true. Improperly mounted HDTV screens can be dangerous if they fall from the mounting brackets. Hanging a plasma or LCD screen properly is a two-person job to do it safely. Sure, you could call in a favor to a friend or relative to help, but wouldn’t you rather have licensed, insured professionals you can trust to hang your HDTV? Not Uncle Vinny after you’ve bribed him with a six-pack of Bud.

2 – No messy wires – Hanging your new HDTV securely on the mounting brackets is just part of a professional HDTV installation. As design professionals, we know how to manage all those messy wires with the right cable management system.

3 – Professional AV systems integration –Today’s home theater systems are more than just a few speakers and a screen. From connecting your Blu-Ray player and Xbox to programming your Universal Remote Control, we’ll make sure all the components in your new entertainment system work together. We’ll even offer a quick training session so you can turn on It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve and impress your kids with your technology smarts.

4 – Professional home theatre design – If you’re not sure about the best place to hang your new HDTV, our design skills and years of experience come in to play. If you want to tuck away components like your cable or DirecTV box, Apple TV unit, and Blu-Ray player in to an equipment closet, we’ll provide custom rack design and cooling to maximize the life of your components. We’ll calculate optimal viewing angles for the screen based on the size of the room, seating arrangements and ambient light to create a full home theatre design that will make your new HDTV screen become part of the decor of your living room, not just a piece of technology hanging on your wall.

5 – Reasonable prices –We know you saved a bundle on your new HDTV. You don’t want to break the bank on professional installation with the holidays coming. Whether you need custom home theatre design or just someone to mount an HDTV screen, we offer a number of affordable packages to meet every budget. Check out our professional home cinema installation options here.

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