HDTV Screen Size: Does It Matter?
published onMay 20, 2011

The size of an HDTV screen is the subject of much competition and debate amongst suburban home owners. Neighbors bought a 46-inch HDTV? You won’t look at less than 50. Your brother got a 50-inch for her living room? Now your sister is considering going up to 55 in her family room. It’s actually pretty funny when you think about the “Great HDTV Competition” going on in homes everywhere.

The Wow Factor

We’re all for the “Wow factor,” and we’ll make sure your complete home theater system offers plenty of it. But the “Wow!” isn’t just about the size of the screen. It’s about how all the components work together to create a customized, comfortable viewing experience that brings your family closer together.

Integrated Control Solutions for New York Homes

When we create your home theater system, it can include everything you can imagine. 7.1 surround sound brings movies to life all around you.

Press a button on your Crestron controller, and the movie pauses as the lights come up to 50% power so you can take a bathroom break or grab a drink. (It can turn on the lights in the kitchen for you, too.)

With components neatly tucked away in an A/V closet and a specially chosen graphic on the screen, when you’re not watching your HDTV, it can look just like a piece of art in your living room.

How’s that to make neighbors and relatives say “Wow!”?