How Safe is Your Child’s School?
published onFebruary 4, 2015

I need you to imagine something for a moment. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Think back to your favorite day in grade school. Imagine that you are still there. What was the day like? The sites, the smells the sounds, can you remember? Think of that moment and how happy you were. Now, imagine that moment being torn apart by loud bangs and horrifying screams. A tall unknown man dressed in black is waving a dark stick back and forth as projectiles fire each way he points. Imagine the swells of fear raging through your body not knowing if that man will enter your classroom next. Now stop….and thank the good Lord that you were never in that situation. Now, pray for the many children as well as adults that found themselves in that situation over the past few years.

Right now you are probably saying to yourself, “Jak, you are a sick individual. Why would you bring this up?” The answer: As a father of 3, I think of this every morning that I send my kids off to school. A conversation I had yesterday must of triggered a nightmare for me last night. When I woke, I could not stop thinking about what happened in Connecticut or the terrorist attack on a Pakistani school. My thoughts grew to what measures can be taken to prevent such a horrible event in history.

Yea sure, the first logic would be strict gun laws. Well I hate to drill holes in your bucket Delilah but criminals do not follow laws. If they want a weapon, they will get it or make it. Besides, new laws take too long to pass.

How about a simple answer: Technology. Do we not live in a world entrenched by it? Why then are our school security measures not more advanced? It sounds silly but a simple door buzzer with a camera feed sounds good enough not to let a suspicious person in a building full of kids. Granted there are ways around that too but am I crazy to think this?

Please do not tell me it is a budget issue because that is just ridiculous. You can get a simple system for cheaper than your ink toner. Besides can you really put a value on a human life? I have said it, written it, blogged it, whatever; THERE IS A SYSTEM FOR EVERY BUDGET! So please do not let it be a monetary issue.

Ask your local Audio/Video specialist what can be added to your school to help prevent a disaster. If you do not trust them than research it yourself using one of today’s world Phenomenon’s: Google. Either way some kind of technology can help you make our children safer.