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In Time for Labor Day: Professional Audio Installation Withstands the Elements at Z2

One of the best things about summer in the New York tri-state area is all the outdoor entertainment venues, restaurants, sports bars and clubs. From Long Island’s East End beach bars, to rooftop New York City lounges, New Yorkers love to party outside when the weather is warm.

Local sports bars and nightclubs are getting ready for one of the big party nights of the summer: Labor Day weekend, when we gather to say good-bye to summer and get ready for back-to-school and, here at JD Systems, get local New York tri-state area sports bars ready for NFL Opening Day.

Staten Island Outdoor Venues

Staten Island is home to our own outdoor venues where we love to unwind when we get a few minutes. Designing and installing sound and video systems for these outdoor applications isn’t always easy. Because the party starts in the evening, JD Systems is often out in the mid-day sun to get audio and video equipment installed in time for the after-work crowd.

We don’t mind the heat, but we know we also have to make sure the audio video components we install can withstand the elements, too.

At Z Two, the Staten Island diner / club / ultra-lounge, we specified Community WET series loudspeakers in custom fiber glass enclosures. We knew these trusted speakers from a reputable manufacturer would stand up to the summer heat, Staten Island winters (which often include snow), the New York humidity and the damp sea air that comes from being on an island on the East Coast.

Prior to this installation, we didn’t carry Community speakers. But we did our research and realized these boxes would provide the sound we needed when mounted on the billboard sign for the shopping center that houses Z2. It worked out well because the sign faces the outdoor deck that’s home to Z2’s best summer parties, and provided a safe, secure place to mount the speakers.

The addition of an outdoor sound system meant adding more zones to the Crestron control system we programmed and installed last year around this time. The flexibility of Crestron permits venues to upgrade their sound and video systems as their venue’s needs change, without having to start from scratch with new AV controls.

The Right Products for the Right Job

As audio visual design consultants, we don’t lock ourselves, or our customers, in to specific brands. Of course, there are products we specify time and again because we trust them and we know they work well — for certain applications.

But sometimes, we need to think outside the usual boxes (so to speak) and test new products for different applications. We don’t believe in cookie cutter installations. As design consultants and AV integrators, we look for the best products for every job, and then we work to get them for our customers. We could make more money specifying the same products every time, modifying old design plans, and then running wire and hanging speakers. But not only would that be boring, we’d know we weren’t giving our customers the best service we can.

So, we treat every integration project differently, because every project is different, and provide the best products for each job.

Football season is right around the corner. Why not give us a call to see (and hear) what JD Systems can do for you?

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