INFOCOMM 2012: JD Systems’ Exclusive Sneak Peek
published onJune 13, 2012

You just can’t take us New Yorkers anywhere.

Hours… in fact, a whole day… before the massive InfoComm exhibit hall opened to attendees, JD Systems snuck in the back door of the Las Vegas Convention Center. We collaborated with a fellow New Yorker from Almo Pro AV to get a sneak peek at some of the hottest InfoComm technology. Now we’re sharing it with you before the sun even comes up here in Vegas.

Call us renegades. Call us rude New Yorkers. We’re pretty sure that’s what the InfoComm security guards were saying when we left… But we know it’s all about getting the scoop.

Luckily, they didn’t confiscate our camera, so we’ll be here to show you all the latest and greatest in audiovisual gear from InfoComm 2012.

And who knows? Our first night started at Dancing with the Stars, hanging out backstage with the performers. (Yeah, we’re making this behind-the-scenes thing a habit.) We may just have a few more adventures to share. When you have a blog and loyal, curious readers … it’s not gonna stay in Vegas!