Inside the Audio Video Industry: A Look at Social Media & Pro AV
published onFebruary 11, 2011

Every year in the pro audio video industry, commercial audio visual installers turn to Sound & Communications magazine to read consultant Gary Kayye’s predictions for the year. And, each year, Kayye goes back and reveals how accurate he was in the previous year. Sometimes, this summary is even more interesting than his New Year’s audio video industry predictions.

One of the things he predicted in 2010 was that social media marketing would “go mainstream.” He was right in that regard and a number of top manufacturers and audio visual installers (including JD Systems!) are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to promote our products and services. But, as a whole, the industry isn’t quite there yet. It’s kind of ironic that an industry based on cutting-edge technology has been slow to adopt the latest technology that can really help a business grow.

Look for JD Systems on Social Media

Here at JD Systems, we like to think we’re ahead of the technology curve, at least in the New York area. When we recently launched our new website, with our interactive portfolio of commercial pro AV installations and tons of information about the services we offer, we decided it was the perfect time to roll out a full-fledged social media campaign, too.

Find us on Twitter (we’re @JDSystems), join our fans on Facebook, and hear what goes on in our Staten Island offices and on job sites everyday. Be the first to find out about in-progress installation projects at new nightclubs, sports bars, lounges, restaurants and more in the New York area. We’ve even expanded the JD Systems team to help keep our social media network up to date on all the exciting projects and new products at JD Systems and across the industry — all to help keep you up to date on the latest innovations and help you make informed decisions about your sound and video purchases.

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