Is It Really All About the “&”?
published onAugust 8, 2011

In between designing and installing the audio video systems for cool new sports bar concepts and hobnobbing with our network at industry trade shows, we do actually (sometimes) find time to read the top publications in our industry. It’s important to stay up to date on industry trends so we can serve our customers better.

One of our favorite trade mags is Sound & Communications (and not just because they put us on the cover!) S&C columnist John Mayberry, in a recent Integrator’s POV column, talked about “attention to detail,” in an article provocatively titled “&.” (Gotta love it.) He’s referring to how, without that “&,” this top industry publications would be merely “Sound Communications…” an important concept, but not the heart of the audio video industry by any stretch.

Defining Attention to Detail in Audio Visual Installs

It’s important that S&C, for decades, has been branded with an ampersand, not the word “and.” It’s just a small detail that’s important for brand recognition. But what exactly does attention to detail mean when you’re talking audio video installation?

Visitors to this blog might think “attention to detail” when it comes to our industry involves a lot of “Where do you hang the monitors?” and “Which speakers provide the best coverage?” And that’s certainly a big part of it. But, as John points out, there’s so much more.

It’s how your commercial audio video contractor treats you from phase one through customer training when the installation is done. It’s how he leaves the job site (clean? a mess?) when the project is over. When doing an install in a location that’s open for business, it’s whether the contractor is courteous of that, working quickly and cleanly and not touching more of the space than he has to on any given day. But there’s even more.

Mayberry writes: “Attention to detail in knowing your clients’ motivations, hopes, desires and dreams can, indeed, make or break your firm.”

Audio Video Systems to Draw Your Customers In

Here at JD Systems, we understand that audio video systems help drive business to your restaurant, sports bar, or nightclub. They set the stage. That’s why we make it our business not only to understand our clients, but to understand our clients’ customers. To understand which technology will be easy for your staff to use and drive business to your venue.

AV Contractors Who Talk YOUR Talk

We also want to speak your language. We offer training, free comprehensive audio video consultations, and plenty of opportunities for you to get to know us better from start to finish of a project. Those are the details John’s talking about.

If you’re in the NY area and looking for an AV integrator, why not give us a call?