Is It Time to Talk to an Audio Visual Professional?
published onJuly 31, 2012

Is it time to upgrade the audio visual systems in your venue? Is it getting harder and harder to drive traffic to your New York sports bar, restaurant, nightclub or hotel because your entertainment experience is hopelessly outdated?

As a successful hospitality professional, you know a number of things factor in to filling the seats in your venue:

  1. the taste and presentation of the food
  2. the quality of service
  3. the prices
  4. the ambiance
  5. the reputation of your guests

Of these, you have direct control over four-out-of-five, but , if you manage the first four with care, you canand willattract upper quality customers. People in New York and New Jersey want to be where it’s cool. Maybe they’re looking to hobnob with A-list celebrities. Or maybe they just want to hang out with their friends. Either way, word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to drive guests to your doors in droves. But how do you do it?

As professional audio visual consultants, we won’t claim to be experts in the first three areas. That’s your gig. But we can tell you that the ambiance in your New York restaurant, sports bar or nightclub is the firstthing people notice, and it’s what’s going to get them talking, texting their friends and telling them to meet at your

The ambiance in today’s hospitality venue is driven largely by the technology, the audio visual systems that share information with your guests, set the mood, and provide that “Wow” experience they can’t get anywhere else. You know, the video walls they take pictures of and immediately send to Facebook or Pinterest. The architectural lighting that sets the mood just right. The music that’s not too loud or not too soft.

That’s where an audio visual consultant can help.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want, but you know your venue needs an AV upgrade, audio visual professionals can show you a variety of options. We’ll discuss it all with you until we find the AV solutions that are exactly what you need, but you didn’t know were possible.

On the other hand, if you have a vision of your perfect venue in your mind, right down to the “Wow factor” of a 12-screen, 3 X 4, 20-foot video wall or LED lighting beneath the bar, we can show you exactly how to execute that vision. (And the JD Systems installation division can run the wires and hang the screens for you, too.) I

If you have a clear vision but you’re not sure how (or if) it will work, we’ll help you with that. We are experts at calculating sightlines for video screens, getting smooth, even sound coverage for every seat in your venue, and even letting you know when you might be crossing that line in to “too much” technology. (Believe it or not, there is such a thing, when the screens and speakers distract from the experience rather than enhancing it.)

The World Series, and the start of football season are right around the corner. Are you ready for an audio video system upgrade?