IT and AV Integration Made Eas(ier)
published onJanuary 6, 2012

Ask any audio visual contractor today, and we’ll all tell you there’s nothing “easy” about the convergence of IT and AV. For many AV contractors, it meant essentially learning an entirely new industry and trade or bringing in IT experts to help.

For the “next generation” guys, those of us who’ve grown up on networking solutions and don’t remember life before digital control solutions (for instance), it still means we always need to keep one foot in the IT world even as we follow our passion for AV systems integration. It’s all part of the job today.

For the first time ever, though, we’re looking at industry-accepted standards in transporting audio and video signals across the IT network: AVB (Audio Video Bridging.) While the AVB standards promise to make our jobs easier, it also has tons of positive implications for you, our customers.

AVB standards, which use existing Ethernet technology, make it more cost-effective for integrators to install end-to-end digital systems, passing the savings on to customers. While the first AVB standards were introduced in early 2010, each day new technologies come to the marketplace that apply the standards for AV networking.

For customers, the AVB standards lead to:
– Lower latencies
– Larger channel capacity
– Faster buffering
– Resource reservation, which means you can do more with less processing power, so you can do more for less money
– The ability to transport non-AVB signals over the same network

Tesira from Biamp Systems for Digital Media Transport

Biamp Systems introduces Tesira, a product the company is calling the “next generation in digital media transport.”

This scalable media system for digital audio networking employs Audio Video Bridging and a modular design to offer different levels of digital signal processing. The intelligent network modules share processing to boost performance, and can be used for Centralized, Distributed and Hybrid applications. The system’s capacity can total up to 420 audio channels over the digital media backbone.

What You Need to Know About AVB and New Digital Media Technology

The technology available today, built to AVB standards, makes it easier and even more cost-effective to future-proof your AV systems in your corporate facilities, retail establishments, hotel facilities, or any large-scale venue. You’ll enjoy seamless operation and better quality, even over long distances.

It’s a whole new world of technology and we’re here to help your company use it to your advantage.