It’s Not the Size of the Screens That Matter
published onFebruary 20, 2016

Gotham Red Bank Audio Video InstallationIs your sports bar or restaurant offering the best video experience you can give your customers? A lot of venue owners believe that create the best experience simply means tossing up as many screens as can fit; finding the biggest, curviest screen money can buy; or building a giant video wall that turns heads. 

All of these video elements can be exciting and set a venue apart, but that’s not all it takes. Buying the biggest screens you can find isn’t the answer. You could end up wasting money on components you don’t need when you should be investing that money in video system design from a company you can trust, that will stand behind the installation and be there with service if anything should ever go wrong.

Quality Over Quantity

Invest in quality over size and quantity, and put some thought into how your video systems fit in your venue. If you need some help, we’re here to guide you through the process. JD Systems has been here for more than 10 years helping New York and New Jersey sports bar and restaurant owners to create a superior experience for sports fans across the Tri-State area, and we’re happy to help you do the same.

To get you started thinking about how your next video upgrade or new installation can improve your venue in tangible ways, here are some elements that go into video design. Together, they create that ultimate sports fan experience that will make your guests tell their friends about your venue, and keep them coming back night after night.

The Right Screens in the Right Places

We can’t say this enough: Your sports bar should never look like Best Buy threw up on your walls. It’s a waste of money for you, and it’s not visually appealing to your customers. The key is placing “just enough” screens in just the right places, so your customers can see the games they want easily.

The Resolution You Need

Today’s sports bar and restaurant owners have a number of choices in resolution, and it can be difficult identifying when it’s worth spending more on a 4K screen. The right resolution depends on the size of the screen, the viewers’ distance from the screen, and the content you’ll be playing.Gotham Red Bank Audio Video Installation

Right now, professional sports aren’t broadcast in 4K for the most part, but that will be changing soon. On the other hand, if your nightclub is into ultra-high-resolution eye candy type visuals – especially if it’s on a very large screen or your customers will be up close – 4K is worth the investment.

Either way, with screens dropping in price rapidly and 4K becoming the norm, it’s probably worth future-proofing your venue now. JD Systems won’t steer you toward features you don’t need, but we don’t want your systems to be obsolete in three years, either.

Creating a Clean Look

Ideally, those screens will all be from the same manufacturer and have ultra-thin bevels for a clean, modern look.

Additionally, you never want wires hanging from the screen or source boxes mounted visibly behind or underneath the screen. A clean installation should have proper wire management, with electric outlets behind the screen where customers can’t see them.

Most JD Systems installations use a video matrix so we can locate Blu-Ray players, DirecTV, and cable boxes in an equipment closet and then route those sources to any screen with the push of a button.

Projection System Placement

If you want a really big, 4K image for less money than you’d spend buying a high-quality UHD-TV, you may want to consider two-piece projection systems. Keep in mind, unless you’re talking about a pricier rear-projection system, you’ll need enough head room to be able to mount the projector so people walking by won’t obscure the picture.

You’d be surprised by the modifications we’ve made to walls, ceilings, and beams to fit projectors in venues where the owner decided – and we agreed – that a projection screen would provide the impressive display they were working for. If you have your heart set on projection, we can get it done with a front-view or rear-view system that will turn heads.

Video Walls

Gotham FC BarFor a head-turning look, many sports bar and restaurant owners want a video wall system. This is a way to bring smaller screens together and create a big visual impact.

With the right technology, the options are endless with a video wall. Divide it in half to play two separate images spanning a number of screens, play one large image (perfect for events like Super Bowl Sunday, the Stanley Cup, or the World Cup), or divide it into quadrants when there are a few big games, and important breaking news your customers want to watch.

Easy Control

Whatever screens and sources we design and install, you’ll need a way to control them all easily. Today’s control systems offer easy iPad control, but we can also provide a custom wall- or table-mounted touchscreen if that’s what you’re looking for. From a luxury system by AMX or Crestron to more affordable options that fit your needs, we’ll provide exactly what your staff needs to take full control of your video systems.

Bringing It All Together

It’s obvious that video system design is about much more than just having the biggest screen on the block. When a really big screen is the right answer, we have a number of technology options to make that happen.

Every venue is different. What turns heads in one sports bar or restaurant may be completely overdoing it in another. At JD Systems, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter installations, or even giving you a menu of choices. We’re not Papa John’s Pizza or the Chinese restaurant on the corner. We design every project from scratch after walking through your venue, discussing your needs and your budget, and taking time to understand your expectations.

But don’t just take our word for it … Give us a call to see what JD Systems can do for you.