How Well Does Your Audio Video Integrator Know the Restaurant Industry?
published onJanuary 23, 2018


An audio video integrator immersed in the restaurant industry can create a more immersive experience for your customers

If you’re a New York restaurant owner, you know how to run your business. You know what foods to order, how to hire the best bartenders and wait staff, what specials to offer and how your menu should look.

Okay, that’s the basics and a vast oversimplification. The point is: You understand the restaurant industry like no outsider ever could.

What Your Audio Video Integrator Should Know

If you’re hiring an audiovisual integrator to install or update the audio, video, and control systems in your venue, you probably assume they understand technology.

They know where to place the speakers.

And the screens.

How to program your control systems.

That’s a given. You’re hiring an AV integrator for their technical knowledge, their ability to specify the right brands for the application, and their expertise in the field.

Licensed and Insured?

Of course, any integrator you hire should also be licensed and insured to work in your state, should convey professionalism, and should be able to provide a contract and proposal that shows they know what they’re doing. That is true of any contractor.

Does Your Audio Video Integrator Know Restaurants, Too?

Once you find an integrator who meets these basic requirements, consider: How well does this audiovisual professional understand the needs of a restaurant owner?

Do they understand how your restaurant operates? How many zones you’ll need to provide customized sound for each area of your venue to give customers the experience they want? How the sound and video in your restaurant or bar can actually help you increase sales and nurture loyal, repeat customers?

JD Systems Knows Restaurants

Audio Visual Systems IntegrationJD Systems has not only been installing sound and video systems in top New York tri-state area bars and restaurants like 200 Fifth and Park East for more than 10 years. JD Systems owner Jak Daragjati is surrounded by the restaurant industry.

His brother is a top bartender who also runs a New York bartending school. And his wife owns Confections Dessert Lounge, a concept restaurant in Staten Island specializing in gourmet desserts, alcohol-infused desserts, and craft cocktails.

JD Systems, of course, installed the sound and video systems in Confections. (We’ll share more about that in future stories.)

Insights You Won’t Get from Outsiders

Being on both sides of the equation gives JD Systems insights you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, Daragjati quickly learned how to maximize his wife’s digital signage investment with images of menu items only found at Confections.

Were you ever eating at a restaurant and saw the waitress bring a delicious looking to dish to another table? You immediately called her over to order the same.

Why leave it to chance? Let your digital signage systems show customers what they could be missing out on—even before they place their order.

Sound Counts, Too

Good acoustics are crucial in a restaurant. Confections Dessert Lounge, for instance, is not a place where people want to dance or feel the pounding bass under their feet.

They want to sip cocktails, eat dessert, and enjoy adult conversation. We get a lot of couples on date night and moms on a rare and treasured Girls Night Out. So we knew that the music had to add to the ambiance without drowning out voices.

In other venues, it may be important to keep the volume low only above the bar so that the bartender can hear to get the drink orders right every time.

That’s just one example of how sound should be tailored to a specific venue. Speaker choices, zoning, control, and signal processing all play a role in delivering the sound that will enhance your customers’ experience, any time of day.

Deadlines, Downtime, and YOUR Timelines

We also understand how important it is to keep your restaurant running—especially during peak times.

If your restaurant is new construction, we work hard to make sure you meet your opening day deadline, often with time to spare.

If we are retrofitting older systems for you, we’ll work on your schedule, leaving you with a spotless environment to serve your customers when we’re done. You wouldn’t even know our team was there, if not for the pristine audio and expertly designed video now in place to entertain your customers.

Bottom line: We work on your schedule, designing and installing audio video systems to meet your needs, because we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes.

We’re not just installers or integrators. We are design consultants with intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry. We can help you craft your vision for a successful venue and see the design and installation of your ideal audio visual systems through to completion.

Give us a call to learn how our restaurant industry knowledge is matched only by our technical expertise.

Then, see what JD Systems can do for you.