JD Systems and Middle Atlantic Keep Your Home Theatre Cool
published onMarch 30, 2011

Want to prolong the life of your new home theater system or HDTV and its components? Keep it cool.
That’s right… this simple tip can add years to the life of your equipment. According to the guys at Audioholics.com, an online audio video magazine every 10 degree increase over 85 degrees can reduce your audio / video equipment’s life by 40 percent.

Most of today’s cable and DirecTV boxes, “smart TV” components, AV receivers, even DVD and Blu-Ray players, include a computer microprocessor, making them more sensitive to heat than traditional audio visual gear. Most also have a design that provides ventilation but guess what? If you stack components or otherwise block the cooling vents, by putting Blu-Ray boxes, remote controls or yesterday’s mail on top of your cable box, it could lead to problems.

The good news is that most of today’s home theater components don’t require additional fan cooling systems. If — and here’s the secret — you have a rack system that provides proper air flow.

When JD Systems installs your custom home theater system, we can build a rack system from Middle Atlantic components that provides adequate cooling through passive ventilation. Your custom system:

    • Created a chimney effect, where vertical columns of air can rise out and away from the sensitive components
    • Has plenty of space between shelves to permit unrestricted airflow
    • Places hotter-running components on top, to prevent this excess heat from gathering around the other components
    • Blends in with any interior design to fit your household’s needs, lifestyle and personal taste

Don’t stack your prized audio video components or leave things to chance with a homemade rack system. Call JD Systems for a professionally-designed and installed Middle Atlantic rack system to prolong the life of all your home theater components.