JD Systems Recycles Your Audio Video Gear For You
published onJune 4, 2012

From our involvement with the Staten Island Green & Clean Expo to applications where we use LED lighting and Crestron control systems to help businesses qualify for LEED certification, lower their electric bills or just be more eco-conscious, JD Systems is committed to preserving our environment. But sometimes it’s not easy being “green,” and we know that, too.

JD Systems Recycles

The audiovisual industry generates a lot of waste. We can’t help it. We’re always tearing out old speaker systems past their prime, throwing away the last remaining tube television sets (we will be happy when we never have to lift another one of those again!) and replacing old, failing electronics for our customers.

Thanks to a partnership with Empire Recycling, though, we’ve taken the next step to a cleaner environment. JD Systems now recycles all old electronic and audiovisual equipment from our job sites. If you are on Staten Island and have an old television, computer or speaker system you need to get rid of, we can take it for you, too. (There may be a charge for the service depending on the electronics equipment.)

Individuals can make a huge difference when it comes to recycling metal and old electronic equipment, but corporations can make an even bigger impact. When we recycle all the waste from a huge commercial installation project, we know we’re making a tangible impact in:

  • Diverting waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preventing toxic chemicals from being released into the atmosphere, water stream, and food chain if these equipments were burned
  • Saving our customers money and offering extra peace of mind because they don’t have to pay for, or worry about, getting rid of their old electronics waste

Sound good? At JD Systems, we want to make audiovisual systems integration easy for our customers. We might look tough, but we’re really softies at heart. Recycling old electronics and AV equipment from the job site is just one more step we take because we care about the environment and about our commercial and residential customers.