LG Electronics: Smart TV and Blu-Raywith Streaming Options
published onAugust 15, 2011

Last week, we talked about Samsung’s Smart TV Smart Hub. We want to give equal play to our partners at LG Electronics, so let’s take a look at what the LG Electronics Smart TV options, integrated with many of the company’s Blu Ray players, offers.

If you’re looking for an internet TV system that’s easy to use, the LG Electronics Smart TV interface is user-friendly and intuitive. (And if you have any questions, that’s what your professional home theater installer is here for! We provide a free 20-minute training session for your remote control and HDTV options with every home theater installation).

Streaming Options for Smart TV

One of the main considerations when you choose a Smart TV is: What sources can you stream from? LG’s Smart TV through Blu-Ray has one of the more generous packages, especially if you’re a music fan. Stop wasting money on downloads and stream music from:

  • Pandora
  • Napster
  • MOG
  • vTuner

The latter three are not available with Samsung’s Smart TV, Panasonic Viera Cast, or Sony Bravia’s Internet TV. (Although each technology has its pros and cons.)

LG offers the same streaming video options to watch first-run TV shows, movies, and more as Samsung’s Smart Hub, with the exception of Smart Hulu and Blockbuster. Samsung has a better social media interface for Twitter, Facebook and the like.

But if you’re looking to build an awesome party room in your basement and want the best of streaming music and video, consider an LG Electronics Blu-Ray with Smart TV capabilities.

Note: Entry level models offer a stripped down version of LG’s Smart TV. These are:

  • LG BD630
  • LG BD640
  • LG LHB326

Don’t just take our word for it. The guys at Crave, the CNet gadget blog, posted this informative review of LG Electronics’ Smart TV, along with a handy comparison chart for Samsung and LG Smart TV options.

If you’re still having trouble deciding on your new Blu-Ray player and HDTV for your home theatre, give JD Pro a call today.