Lightning Strikes for JD Systems in Sound & Communications
published onDecember 11, 2013

Our sister company, JD Systems, is no stranger to media coverage. The audio visual integration and consulting firm specializing in entertainment venues, nightclubs, restaurants and sports bars has been featured (twice) in the industry leading trade magazine Sound & Communications, as well as Commercial Integrator and a host of other industry publications and websites.

We owe these guys a boatload of thanks. When we have a story to tell, they are always there to listen. But JD Pro, as a newer start-up company, hadn’t yet had its place in the sun… or in print.

That’s why we called up Sound & Communications House of Worship columnist Dawn Allcot when we finished a very exciting, physically challenging and emotionally rewarding installation at Our Lady of Pompeii Catholic Church just over the bridge in Brooklyn, New York. She listened, and the result is a five-page story in the November 2013 issue of Sound & Communications.

No Sound, No Church

Our Lady of Pompeii had particular challenges when it came to budget. The church has been a staple in the lower-income Brooklyn community for decades, and provides a theatre program for at-risk teens and tweens in the area, along with other community services. Working at the job site every day, we were struck by the positive impact the church made on community residents.

The sound system was old and the audio quality had been suffering for years, but a lightning strike finally took it out.

In the article, Father Frank Amato tells the Sound & Communications writer:

“Without a sound system in the church, the archdiocese will shut us down…. And without the church, we can’t run the drama club, and we can’t give these kids a safe place to go and we can’t serve the community. It’s a simple thing, which is really not so simple because it’s very expensive.”

A Sound System for Every Budget

Fortunately, here at JD Pro, we believe there literally is a sound system for every budget. We went with some unconventional choices, taking a cross-brand approach to give the client the best value for their money.

We opted for a pair of Electro-Voice EVU-1082/95 speakers hanging to the left and right in front of the stage and another pair as delays on the left and right walls about mid-way through the sanctuary. These are speakers we typically use in restaurant installations as delays, but they fit the bill to provide high-quality, even sound coverage within a very limited budget.

Finally, a BLU-100 processor was added as the centerpiece of the project, offering EQ, compression, signal processing and delay in a single unit.

Getting the Job Done

Designing the system was only half the battle. The JD Pro team had some adventures when it came to the single day audio visual installation project. Read the story on the Sound & Communications website to find out why JD Pro believes there’s a system for every budget and to see how a little church can make a big impact with the right sound system.